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In speaking keynotes and workshops he balances humor with cutting edge content and real world innovation experience. Audiences comment that he has a rare and unique insight into the way people think, communicate, and innovate in the workplace. Gregg fosters understanding of creative style in ways that build bridges. He creates respect for creative thinking diversity and helps executives, managers, and teams overcome the blocks that prevent innovation. His core message of more effective creative thinking - through authenticity, passion, and deliberate creative process - brings out the innovator inside of all of us.


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Gregg Fraley – Creativity & Innovation

Gregg’s diverse background includes everything from founding and managing high-flying technology companies to working as a television producer. Now he’s the author of the first ever business fable about creative problem solving, “Jack’s Notebook,” and he’s a thought leader in how corporate ideation and new product development should be done.

He’s faced a variety of creative challenges in his life with too many jobs and roles to mention here. Primarily, he’s been an entrepreneur, and now an in-demand consultant, ideation facilitator, and speaker. Gregg knows how to speak directly to the heart of a group and he inspires the teams he works with to come up with innovative ideas. Those who hire Gregg comment on his expertise, energy, humor, and charm – his “excellent balance of wit and knowledge.” His evaluations are consistently the highest or among the top at any conference where he speaks. His ideation sessions produce market leading products.

As a consultant Gregg’s approach focuses on results. He is one of the best ideation/brainstorming facilitators available, his sessions often achieve the elusive breakthrough ideas organizations are looking for. He has developed unique “Innovisation” tools and techniques for getting teams to think differently. These tools are adapted from the world of improvisational comedy to apply directly to thorny business challenges. These tools fit within a structured problem solving model and the tools work, even with inexperienced ideators. Many ideation facilitators can take a group through a structured session. Gregg is one of the few that can introduce spontaneity into the structure and have people truly thinking outside their normal patterns. If you’ve been unhappy with brainstorming results in the past and want to try someone with a fresh and effective new approach, try Gregg Fraley.

A pioneer in the development of interactive television, Gregg worked with Warner Cable’s QUBE project in the early 80s, where he designed interactive game shows and won an Emmy award and a cable ACE award for Innovation. He moved into technology and has been involved with computer software non-stop since then. He helped develop the first wireless prescription writing system for doctors (a patented product), as well as numerous computer applications in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and field service. Gregg is the founder of three software firms, including two “dot.com” start-ups.

Gregg has been quoted as an expert in the following publications: Successful Meetings, Skyline News, Redbook, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago’s Daily Herald, and US News and World Report.

Gregg has extensive experience in marketing, sales, and qualitative research. He’s a leader and speaker at the annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), and is a former board member of the Creative Education Foundation. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association in the USA.

Gregg Fraley is an experienced public speaker who has been delivering well-received keynotes and workshops for over 15 years. His topics center around creativity and innovation and he blends in advanced knowledge of marketing, communications, human relationships, entrepreneurship, and new product development. While he doesn’t label himself as a motivational speaker, audiences often say he is inspirational.

Gregg’s topics are ideal to begin conferences or meetings because there is virtually no industry or group that does not need more creativity and innovation. His messages of deferral of judgment, openness to ideas, bringing fun into problem solving, and his ideation techniques (fundamental and advanced) are the perfect set-up for the start of a meeting. Customers have commented that meetings after his speeches have had an improved and more positive tone, saying participants spontaneously used his techniques in subsequent discussions.

Gregg believes the best keynote is a series of stories that illustrate important points, and he believes that every talk, no matter how serious the subject matter, should be entertaining, fun, and as interactive as possible. His background as a television announcer, stand-up comedian, trained improviser, and corporate executive allow him to deliver impactful, memorable speeches that not only motivate in the moment but provide tools audiences can use for the rest of their lives. Customers have commented that Gregg has “an excellent balance of knowledge and wit.” As a published illustrator and former fashion photographer audiences are presented with visuals that are colorful and engage the visual senses. Because Gregg is a working innovation practitioner even seasoned business audiences learn something new that they can use.

Gregg tailors every keynote to the audience. Typically, for non-business audiences he focuses more on creativity and self-expression, for business audiences it’s about problem solving, ideation, and innovation.

Gregg will combine a talk with a book signing afterwards, and Jack’s Notebook is available at discounted rates for bulk purchases. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association in the USA.

Keynote Speeches:

• The Creative Choice

• Deliberate Innovation

• Creative Selling

• Nine Ways to Improve a Brainstorming Session

• Innovisation

• Why I wrote a Business Fable

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