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Become A SpeakerBecome A Speaker

Want To Become A Professional Public Speaker or Motivational Speaker?

If your dream is to get paid to speak in public as a motivational speaker, trainer or public speaker, then we have some exceptional resources that will help you make your dream a reality.

We have a separate website, especially for aspiring speakers. Our coaching program has worked for several aspiring speakers. Some of them are now earning over $10,000 per speech.

Each session is about one hour long and includes handouts. Most sessions are custom designed for the student. This is genuine career training at its best.

Here’s an article that will show you How To Become A Motivational Speaker.


This Coaching Program Will Teach You How To: 

  • Choose the right topics and position yourself
  • Discover which topics are in demand and which ones are not
  • Create your marketing materials including
    • Your 1-sheet
    • Your photo
    • Your bio
    • Your topic descriptions
    • Your price sheet
    • Your demo video
  • Design a website that gets you bookings
  • Use specific sales language that closes more bookings
  • Create a signature 60-minute speech that gets rave reviews
  • Get lots of referrals for potential speaking engagements
  • Learn how to work with multiple speakers bureaus
  • Use low cost and no-cost methods to get speaking opportunities

This is the complete journey from a non-paid amateur to a professional public speaker. You may want to speak full time or use public speaking as a side hustle and part-time income.

All instruction in this program is from Alexander Van Buren who has more than 21 years of experience in the speaking industry and the inside insights that only come from running a national Speakers Bureau.

Customized coaching and mentoring packages are available on our website for aspiring speakers and trainers at

Or call 682-263-4515 for more information.

If you are already a professional speaker earning over $2500 per speech, please see our page Join Our Bureau.

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