Mary Kelly, Mary Kelly

MK Mueller, MK Mueller

Colleen Kettenhofen, Award-winning Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert ~ The Boss Whisperer…

Kristin Arnold, Kristin Arnold

Bill Curry, Motivation and Leadership

Deborah Boswell, Interpersonal Communication and Self Image

Colette Carlson, Speak Your Truth To Maximize Your Results!

Brian Sullivan, The Cutting Edge of Sales & Negotiations

Avish Parashar, Avish Parashar

About The Alexander Speakers Bureau


We’ve been helping companies and associations find great speakers, trainers and sports figures for more than 20 years. 

Our roster of over 3,000 speakers and trainers is available to you in minutes. 

Many of our speakers and trainers do not yet appear on this website. 

Our speakers Bureau specializes in helping you find the perfect speaker for your event quickly and easily. 

Click on Find Speakers Fast and use our quick-online-form. We will handpick 3 speakers from our roster who match your budget and event needs and have them contact you in 24-48 hours. 

We specialize in local speakers, trainers and sports figures in several cities across the United States. 

Please feel free to give us a call if you need help finding a speaker for your event. We’re at 972-689-3749. 

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The Alexander Motivational Speakers Bureau has more than 3000 speakers in our database, plus many more not shown on this website. 

We’re a motivational speakers bureau with over 15 years of experience helping corporations and event planners to find outstanding speakers and trainers.

We specialize in speakers, trainers and sports figures nation wide.

With speakers in over 75 categories we can help you find just the right presenter.

From motivation to leadership we’ll help you find that one special speaker who will be a smash hit at your event.

Call one of our friendly account executives right now at 972-689-3749.

They’ll be delighted to help you use this web site and refine your search to find the perfect speaker for your event.

The Alexander Motivational Speakers Bureau goes the extra mile to find that one speaker who will get RAVE reviews at your event!


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Need help finding a speaker? The fastest way to find a speaker for your event is to use our online form. It’s on the right hand side of this page.

We can answer questions about speaker pricing and availability and even help you use our web site search feature more effectively.

Please feel free to contact us for any help you may need at 972-689-3749 or our Contact Us page if you have any questions. 

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If you’re a professional motivational speaker, trainer, or public speaker, please visit our website to inquire about being added to our roster of speakers, trainers, and sports figures at the Alexander Motivational Speakers Bureau. 

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If youre dream is to become a successful motivational speaker or public speaker, we offer special coaching programs to help you. 

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