A virtual keynote speaker is a professional public speaker who gives presentations on an online platform like Zoom, Go To Meeting or Google Meet.

Up to 1000 people may attend a virtual event, and the presentation can include visuals, stories, and audience interaction in the form of questions and answers in the chatbox. Live surveys can be taken, team members acknowledged, and the entire presentation can be included as part of any online meeting you may be planning.


How To Find A Virtual Keynote Speaker

Not all professional public speakers offer virtual presentations. Only a few truly excel at delivering their presentations over the internet. This post will provide a list of speakers who are excellent at giving their keynote presentations online.

These speakers can present at an online meeting you have already planned, or put together a presentation for your group and deliver it on a platform they choose. They will organize the entire online production for you including e-invitations via email.


Advantages of A Virtual Keynote Speaker

There are many advantages to featuring a virtual keynote speaker for your team.

  • It saves money.
  • It saves time.
  • It helps people stay safe.
  • And it brings people together in a unique way via a shared experience.




Virtual Keynote Speaker Dan Lier

Virtual Keynote SpeakerAuthor of the best-selling book “The 10 Minute Coach,” Dan Lier has over a decade of experience performing over 3,500 customized live presentations.

Dan is the host of his own TV show “Your True Potential” and he is a regular on HSN and is known as America’s Coach as he works with companies and individuals on strategies to “be their best” and Maximize their True Potential.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Dan Lier.



Virtual Keynote Speaker Betsy Allen Manning

Virtual Keynote SpeakerFeatured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning is recognized as one of the top leadership speakers, a best-selling author & personality expert. Betsy mastered the art of human behavior while working as a manager for multi-billion dollar corporations; such as Disney, the Golden Globe Events & Wynn Hotels.

Betsy provides managers with communication strategies to reduce workplace conflict, increase team productivity and expand bottom-line results.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Betsy Manning.



Virtual Keynote Speaker Kenny Chapman

Virtual Keynote SpeakerKenny Chapman knows that your audience is desperate to find creative ways to compete in this new economy. How can your people develop a culture of positive results and consistent improvement while being flooded with negativity in all areas?

The author of The Six Dimensions of Change has the answers.

Kenny’s moving and inspiring presentation will shake up your organization and teach your team how a shared vision sparks innovation.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Kenny Chapman.



Andrew Botieri

Virtual Keynote SpeakerAndrew Botieri began his career with JC Penney in 1982 and worked his way up to Senior Merchandise Manager based on his ability to see trends before they happened.

Andrew was instrumental in JC Penney’s “upgrade” to a mass merchandiser in the mid-eighties with their brand-name push that put them on the map. Andrew’s ability to coach and train his associates for “add-on selling” helped propel customer service and profits.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Andrew Botieri.


Virtual Keynote Speaker Dean Lindsay

Virtual Keynote SpeakerHailed as ‘The DEAN of Sales and Service!’ by Consumers’ Choice Award ®, Dean Lindsay is a Wildly Helpful Business Speaker and the Author of The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change and Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Dean Lindsay.



Michael Hoffman

Virtual Keynote SpeakerHilarious, Productive, Mind-Blowing, Life-changing. Michael Hoffman is President of Igniting Performance.

A Dallas-based company that specializes in the skills of sales, customer loyalty, and leadership.

Over the last 20 years, Michael has delivered professional speaking engagements and customized training to organizations across this country and abroad.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Michael Hoffman.


Virtual Keynote Speaker Richard Hadden

Speaker Richard Hadden Leadership Speaker Richard HaddenRichard Hadden is a Certified Speaking Professional who helps organizations improve business results by creating a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce.

An internationally recognized thought leader in the field of Employee Engagement, he is co-author of the popular “Contented Cows” leadership book series, including his latest book, Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk, published by John Wiley & Sons.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Richard Hadden.


Bruce Christopher

Speaker Bruce Christopher Bruce Christopher is a Psychologist and Comedian“Laugh ‘til you cry. . .Learn ‘til you change!” These are the only rules that apply at a Bruce Christopher presentation.

At the heart of it all, what separates Psychologist-Humorist Bruce Christopher from the rest of the pack is his outrageously funny and dynamic delivery of today’s hot topics.He has captivated audiences internationally by giving them real and practical solutions for success, without fluff and hype.


Customer Service


Kathleen Randall

Virtual Keynote SpeakerKathleen is adept at developing and delivering training tailored to meet the needs of individuals and organizations.

When Kathleen trains your staff, you can be confident they will return to their jobs not only inspired to perform at a higher level, but they will also return possessing the skills that make change possible.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Kathleen Randall.



Speaker Anne Obarski

Speaker Anne Obarski Anne ObarskiMaking a positive, lasting impression with every customer has never been more important than today. Serving customers can be a joy.

Whether you want stellar Yelp reviews or viral YouTube videos, it’s about consistently delivering an infectious and enviable customer service experience.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Anne Obarski.



Speaker Scott Deming

Speaker Scott  Deming Customer service and ChangeCustomer Service didn’t die a sudden, unexpected death.

It has been dying a slow, very painful death for a very long time. Why? Simply put, people stopped caring. Service today is typical and transactional.

People look at customers as an opportunity for a sale, rather than an opportunity for a meaningful relationship that will turn that customer into a loyal evangelist for life.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Scott Deming.




Speaker Allyson Lewis

Speaker Allyson  Lewis Motivational Speaker Allyson Lewis

Allyson Lewis has been a guest on CNN, and Bloomberg Information TV.

She is a monthly guest columnist for MorningstarAdvisor.com and has appeared in a broad range of national publications such as Investors Business Daily, The Chicago Sun-Times,

The Los Angeles Times and Family Circle Magazine. Her mission is to educate, motivate and inspire.

Learn more about virtual keynote speaker Allyson Lewis.


Speaker Bill Curry

Speaker Bill Curry Motivation and LeadershipAs a player, Bill learned the game from such legendary masters as Bobby Dodd, Vince Lombardi, and Don Shula. He snapped the ball to a who’s who list of quarterbacks, including Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, and Billy Lothridge.

He was a two-time Pro Bowl center and a three-time NFL Champion, including victories in Super Bowls I and V.

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Virtual Marketing


Speaker & Trainer Alexander Van Buren

Alexander Van Buren is a business owner, internet marketer, and entrepreneur based in Fort Worth, Texas. He has started and run successful businesses for more than 25 years.

Alexander started his internet career in 2000 when he began attending internet marketing conferences with a friend. He applied the concepts to his seminar business and began receiving inquiries from fortune 100 companies.

In 2008, at the start of the economic recession, he decided to use an internet marketing strategy to launch a Speakers Bureau.  The business grew from a dining room table to five employees in less than 2 years. Using digital automation techniques, he leveraged out of the company entirely by automating all its processes. The 5-person business transformed into an online asset that serves thousands of speakers and clients and runs entirely from a laptop.

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More Virtual Keynote Speakers

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