Speaker Bob  Elster Empowering People and Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential

Bob Elster Empowering People and Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential

Fees: $6000 - $9000 Flies out: Boston

I love getting in front of an audience and empowering them to reach new levels of success at work and in all areas of their life. It's so exciting to see people get it … to understand that they do have amazing potential and that they can significantly increase their results. So many people have given up on living life the way they really want to buying into our cultures “be satisfied with what you have” mentality. I intend to reach as many people as possible, inspiring them, and teaching them how to change that mentality, how to change their mind to change their results. Let me start with your group and you will not be disappointed. I promise, that if you hire me as your next speaker your people will approach their work and life in a whole new way. There will be a spirit of creation, rather than competition and people will individually and collectively be setting goals you and they never thought were possible , and achieving them. I look forward to working with you!

Speaker Bob  Farmer Advertising and Humor

Bob Farmer Advertising and Humor

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out:

Rich in American heritage, steeped with tradition, the Farmers' Almanac is one of the oldest, most respected publications in the country. Bob Farmer is available to address your audience and bring this national treasure alive with his unique down home style of humorous storytelling.

Speaker Bob  Goshen  The ONE IRON-CLAD Rule in Corporate America - LEAD—OR FAIL

Bob Goshen The ONE IRON-CLAD Rule in Corporate America - LEAD—OR FAIL

Fees: $7500 - $10000 Flies out: Tulsa

To hear Bob speak is an unforgettable experience. As he warms to his subject, he thunders forth with the ire and fire of an Old Testament prophet as he warns heads of corporations to lead or get out of the way before they destroy their organizations. I have viewed firsthand men and women in areas of leadership who have no business leading. Today is the day to look into your corporations and organizations and ask if those who are in the leadership have earned the trust and respect to lead." In his book The Power of Layered Leadership he continues: ". . . there seems to be a leadership crisis as those in charge of seemingly successful companies commit financial suicide by initiating programs and policies that put egos ahead of common sense." And "It is no longer shocking how often leaders shoot themselves in the foot—but it is amazing how fast they reload the gun and do it again!"

Speaker Bob Nicoll Sales and Customer Service

Bob Nicoll Sales and Customer Service

Fees: $7500 - $10000 Flies out: Las Vegas

Communication is at the core of every personal moment, experience, transaction and interaction. Bob has created an innovative Sales and Customer Service Program called Remember the Ice. Based on the statement: There is Power in the Clarity of your Articulation; Remember the Ice is a comprehensive program that helps you: Fix Broken Messages. Increase Sales with BETTER word choice! Re-Frame your message. Attract the life you want through empowering word choice. Find out how a simple change in word choice resulted in a 500% increase in sales in less than 5 weeks!! If you are in marketing, advertising or sales: you want to have Bob train your organization so you can get the bottom line results you are looking for: INCREASED SALES!!

Speaker Bob Wachter, MD Expert in Healthcare

Bob Wachter, MD Expert in Healthcare

Fees: $15000 - $25000 Flies out: San Francisco

Known for his work in healthcare quality, safety and efficiency, and for launching the hospitalist field. Author of 250 articles and 6 books. His speeches are engaging, insightful, and humorous.

Speaker Bradford  Spelbring  Build Your Future

Bradford Spelbring Build Your Future

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: St. Louis

Twelve years ago Brad started a small mom and pop shop and built it into a large and successful business. He can show companies how to overcome obstacles to make your business a resounding success. Growing up in a small town and spending numerous hours on the farm , Brad brings a no nonsense down home attitude with folksy humor to all of his presentations.

Speaker Brandon  Pipkin Sharing the truth about success!

Brandon Pipkin Sharing the truth about success!

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: Denver

As a speaker and trainer, Brandon uses his real-life experience and unique gifts to create uplifting, entertaining and educational programs for his audiences. He applies his background in training, leadership, customer service, communications and personal development to help others fulfill their life's mission.

Speaker Brian  Fielkow Speaker Brian Fielkow

Brian Fielkow Speaker Brian Fielkow

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Houston

Based on his 25 years of business leadership and firsthand experiences as a current business executive, Brian Fielkow, J.D., offers a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture.

Speaker Brian  Olsen Art In Action

Brian Olsen Art In Action

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: Denver

Using fingertips, palms, elbows and up to three brushes in each hand, Brian paints portraits of famous people including musicians, sports figures, and top corporate heads on a four and a half by six foot canvas in just a matter of minutes. His creations are choreographed to music that is powerful and stimulates the senses. Brian's Art in Action is described as “an emotional experience” taking his audience through an amazing journey of excitement, suspense, cheer, and surprise. His ability to captivate his audience and share the experience of color, music, and action is a way to bring people into the world of art and creativity. It is a new artform that brings people together to share the explosion of art and stir up the personal creativity we all have within. There is a simple message in Brian's show: Be yourself, be creative, and take chances. You never know what you might discover. But, whatever it is, do it with all your heart.

Speaker Brian Gareau Corporate Productivity

Brian Gareau Corporate Productivity

Fees: $10000 - $12000 Flies out:

Leveraging 31 years of corporate leadership experience at a global Fortune 50 corporation, Brian Gareau specializes in strategic, tactical, and practical solutions to engage and accelerate high performance.