Speaker Trudy  Bourgeois Preformance and business strategies

Trudy Bourgeois Preformance and business strategies

Fees: $5000 - $7500 Flies out:

Trudy Bourgeois is a workforce performance strategist and president and CEO of The Center for Workforce Excellence. The Center for Workforce Excellence is a national organizational cultural change consulting company. For nearly ten years we have provided services to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the areas of leadership development, diversity and inclusion, executive coaching and employee engagement. As an acclaimed author, business coach, experiential learning facilitator and sought-after inspirational business speaker, she has reached thousands of people with her positive messages about leadership, personal empowerment and the search for success and happiness in our lives. She conducts numerous seminars and speaking symposiums for corporations throughout the country, teaching men and women how to harness the greatest of the 21st century workforce. Trudy is one of America's leading experts on transformational leadership and a highly regarded leader in the field of workforce performance improvement.

Speaker Ty Bennett Empowering Individuals And Organizations

Ty Bennett Empowering Individuals And Organizations

Fees: $5000 - $7500 Flies out: Salt Lake City

Ty Bennett is the founder of Leadership Inc, a speaking and training company dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations He is a gifted communicator who has a unique ability to make the complex simple and to teach and inspire.

Speaker Tyson Wooters Speaker, Consultant, Educator

Tyson Wooters Speaker, Consultant, Educator

Fees: $3500 - $4500 Flies out: Portland

Tyson Wooters believes in the strength of humble leaders, the awesome power of servanthood, and your organization's ability to harness those forces. He also believes in his life's mission: to educate people through humor and shared experience about the phenomenal power of taking real accountability and ownership in every aspect of life.

Speaker Valda  Ford Inspirational, Motivational and Funny

Valda Ford Inspirational, Motivational and Funny

Fees: $5000 - $7500 Flies out: Omaha

Valda Boyd Ford, MPH, MS, RN, a self-proclaimed “daughter of the South,” is one of the most intellectually disarming and humorous presenters on leadership, privilege and cultural competency in the nation. Noted as being “captivating, humorous, and thought-provoking” by Jeff Joseph of Frito-Lay, Valda brings a homespun, down to earth informality to her presentations, and uses a combination of self-effacement and “Can we talk?” attitude that swings from virtual stand-up comedy to lump-in-the-throat poignancy. Valda's passion right now is centered around Sex is Not for Sissies! - a candid, fun and educational ladies' or couples experience. I combine education with tips for improving love and intimacy. I have a newly published book called SINS: Secrets and Lies.

Speaker Van  Deeb Speaker Van Deeb

Van Deeb Speaker Van Deeb

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: Kansas City, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Omaha, St. Louis

Van Deeb is a native of Omaha. After playing football at the University of Nebraska Omaha, he attended a real estate specialty school in Dallas, Texas. Van sold real estate in Dallas for 10 years before moving back home to Omaha to open up DEEB Realty in 1993. Van started his company with just himself out of his basement and grew it to one of the largest Real Estate firms in the Midwest with over 350 agents in only 15 years. Van sold DEEB Realty in January of 2009 and now travels the country inspiring and motivating sales people and business owners to be the best they can be. Among his peers in the Real Estate industry, Van is highly regarded as “The Real Deal.” A Few of Vans credentials:

Speaker Vickie  Bouffard Sales and Sales Training

Vickie Bouffard Sales and Sales Training

Fees: $3500 - $7000 Flies out: Phoenix

Over the past 20 years, Vickie Bouffard's vast business experience spans inside sales, field sales and management within both the B2B and B2C sectors. Her career includes highly visible positions with Countrywide Bank, LEGO, Dale Carnegie, AFLAC, and many medium sized insurance, mortgage, and computer education companies.

Speaker Victoria  Downing Management and Sales

Victoria Downing Management and Sales

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: Baltimore

Victoria Downing, President of Remodelers Advantage Inc., is a leading authority in the remodeling industry. She is a recipient of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry's Harold Hammerman Award, writes the award-winning Human Resources column for Remodeling magazine, and has authored and co-authored several industry books, including The Remodeler's Marketing PowerPak. Victoria Downing joined Linda Case's remodeling consulting company in 1990, using her background in developing North American marketing and sales programs for a building product manufacturer to help Linda transform the consulting business into Remodelers Advantage — a premier business improvement community for remodelers. Victoria subsequently bought the company from Linda Case in 2001 and has served as president since that time.

Speaker Villis Ozols Sports, Leadership and Motivation

Villis Ozols Sports, Leadership and Motivation

Fees: $7500 - $10000 Flies out:

Pronunciation: V i ' l i s O' z o l s  P.S. Vilis rhymes with Phyllis Today you'll be hearing from a pretty fun person who just happens to be an expert in business leadership and personal motivation, Vilis Ozols. Vilis is a former member of the Canadian National Volleyball Team, a former Pro Beach Volleyball tour competitor and he holds a Masters degree in Business Administration. He is also the author of three books, Motivational Leaders, GRAND-Stories and Motivational Selling.