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Speaker Barbara Khozam Speaker Barbara Khozam

Barbara Khozam Speaker Barbara Khozam

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: San Diego

Barbara has spoken to more than 35,000 people throughout 8 countries and is ranked in the top 1% out of a group of 400 leading trainers in the United States. Barbara Khozam has delivered more than 1100 presentations to audiences of all sizes, sharing great strategies on customer service, leadership, motivation, and communication with difficult customers and co-workers. In 2014 Barbara was the 14th woman in the world to be honored by Toastmasters International with their elite Accredited Speaker designation for “outstanding platform professional speaking” (scored in six categories). Only 66 have earned the award in 126 countries. She is also the recipient of 27 awards for Sales Achievement & Outstanding Trainer Ratings. Her wit, energy, and jaw-dropping insight, reveal practical principles necessary for success in today's cynical marketplace.

Speaker Barry  Maher Barry Maher

Barry Maher Barry Maher

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Las Vegas

Today Barry Maher is in demand for business audiences of all types. But he first made his mark as a world-class salesperson, manager and executive, then as a management and sales consultant, helping clients improve their productivity, often dramatically. Selling Power magazine declared, “To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business.” It soon became apparent that the strategies that were so effective in helping managers, executives and salespeople succeed worked every bit as well with the issues all of us face in business.

Speaker Barry Lewis Green The Unity Guy

Barry Lewis Green The Unity Guy

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out:

Barry is a global voice for collective leadership and strength in unity. He works with youth and adults, organizations, campuses, companies and communities seeking to foster the kind of leadership and unity that moves us forward together, stronger. His expertise is organizational behavior and development and what he calls S.M.A.S.H. Leadership™ and M.E.S.H.™ Management. He is a Virtues Project™ Master Facilitator, Personality Dimensions™ Facilitator, business educator and writer, and connects work on spirit, mission, execution, success and happiness to help create sustainable, empowering, united cultures of joy and purpose at work, school, home and community. A karaoke rocker, dancer, archer, football fanatic and cartoonist, Barry has audiences singing, dancing, aiming, tackling and drawing upon their strengths. A tornado, breeze, and gentle wind all in one, Barry champions a practical and powerful message to the public, private and not-for-profit sectors... engaging audiences, with a bounty of humor, passion and integrity.

Speaker Beatrice  Bruno The Drill Sergeant of Life aka The Get Over It Gal

Beatrice Bruno The Drill Sergeant of Life aka The Get Over It Gal

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: Denver

Like it or not, YOU are a Soldier in the Army of Life! The world is a battlefield! YOU are equipped with all the tools you need to win against your enemies: foreign (those outside of you) and domestic (those within.) Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life, aka The Get Over It Gal!, is here to help you be the Soldier YOU were created to be!

Speaker Belinda   Ellsworth  Step Into Success – Taking Direct Sales To New Heights

Belinda Ellsworth Step Into Success – Taking Direct Sales To New Heights

Fees: $5000 - $7500 Flies out: Detroit

Belinda Ellsworth is the premier motivational speaker/sales trainer and expert for the direct sales industry! With more than 30 years of experience in direct sales, Belinda has trained thousands of independent sales consultants, managers and executives. Belinda has worked with more than 100 different direct sales companies, many asking her back again and again. Why? Simply because she delivers. After she speaks, companies always see an increase in sales, bookings and more importantly recruiting. Some of the companies she has worked with multiple times include: BeautiControl, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Discovery Toys, Gold Canyon Candles, Jafra Cosmetics, Jockey Person to Person, Longaberger Baskets, The Pampered Chef, Wildtree, and Usborne Books

Speaker Ben  Brooks Solutions to sexual harassment and managing a diverse workforce

Ben Brooks Solutions to sexual harassment and managing a diverse workforce

Fees: $2500 - $5500 Flies out: Philadelphia

Benjamin F. Brooks is a retired Major of the Pennsylvania State Police. As founder of Major Ben's Consulting Agency, Ben is now a Management Consultant. Ben specializes in providing you and your company with assistance for effectively implementing your Cultural Diversity Program.As a former licensed Private Investigator, with three decades of experience, Major Ben has a keen awareness of sensitive workplace issues.

Speaker Ben  Glenn Simple ADHD Guide

Ben Glenn Simple ADHD Guide

Fees: $7500 - $10000 Flies out: Indianapolis

I've been a full-time speaker since 1995. I started when I was just a young 20-something kid and now I'm closing in on two decades of speaking. So it's with some degree of confidence that I can claim to understand how important having the right speaker is to the success of an event. YOUR event.

Speaker Ben Vereen Legendary Song and Dance Man ~ Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen Legendary Song and Dance Man ~ Ben Vereen

Fees: $30000 - $40000 Flies out: Los Angeles

Few entertainers today are as accomplished or versatile as Ben Vereen. His legendary performances transcend time and have been woven into the fabric of this country's artistic legacy. His first love and passion is and always will be the stage. "The theater was my first training ground. It taught me discipline, dedication and appreciation of hard work and values that will stay with me a lifetime. The stage sharpens the creative instrument and encourages you to go deeper inside and try new things," states Ben. Ben speaks on Health, Wisdom, Entertainment, Strength, Inspiration, and much, much more.

Speaker Benjamin Zander Conductor ~ Teacher ~ Speaker

Benjamin Zander Conductor ~ Teacher ~ Speaker

Fees: $50000 - $50000 Flies out: Boston

Benjamin Zander is the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and a guest conductor around the world. With London's famed Philharmonia Orchestra, he is recording the complete cycle of Mahler symphonies for Telarc, recordings which have been received with extraordinary critical acclaim and several awards. Their latest recording of Bruckner's 5th Symphony was nominated for a 2010 Grammy, and has received critical acclaim both for the performance and Zander's now famous full-length disc explaining the music for the lay listener. They recorded their next release, Mahler's 2nd Symphony, in January 2012 and it is scheduled for release later this year.

Speaker Bert  Decker Communication and Leadership

Bert Decker Communication and Leadership

Fees: $2500 - $5000 Flies out: San Francisco

A true visionary, Bert launched Decker Communications in 1979 to transform people's lives – and that mission remains the same today. Bert's passion for communications evolved from his early career as a successful filmmaker.