Speaker Lauren Schieffer Communication Expert Lauren Schieffer

Lauren Schieffer Communication Expert Lauren Schieffer

Fees: $3500 - $6000 Flies out: Kansas City

Known for her ability to lift others out of mediocrity and inspire them to action, Lauren Schieffer has spent the last 18 years energizing and inspiring national and international audiences with her quick wit and her down to earth approach, insightful personal stories, and dry humor keeping them engaged and laughing to the very last moment.

Speaker Laurie Brown Speaker Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown Speaker Laurie Brown

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Detroit

Laurie's high content, fun and collaborative approach make her a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn new strategies to be influential and persuasive. A key asset that Laurie brings to her work is her range and depth of experience. She has an international clientele, having worked in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, Austrailia, and throughout the United States and Canada. Laurie has worked with culturally diverse audiences at all corporate levels, and her clients have included Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small family-owned businesses.

Speaker Leah Brown Leah Brown

Leah Brown Leah Brown

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Indianapolis

Leah brings a unique perspective to talent retention. She is a GenXer bridging gaps between Boomers & Millennials. She has 25 years of diverse training and speaking experience. She is a former military wife who has traveled the world. Louisville Business First included her in their “20 People to Know in Education & Workforce Development.” She is the proud mom of two Millennial children, James & Shannon, and recently became a grandma! She works with leaders in various industries – healthcare, manufacturing, professional services and more!

Speaker LeAnn  Thieman Your prescription for inspiration, life balance, & staff rejuvenation ~

LeAnn Thieman Your prescription for inspiration, life balance, & staff rejuvenation ~

Fees: $8000 - $12000 Flies out: Denver

As a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author and nurse, LeAnn has been featured in print and on countless radio and television programs across the country, including Newsweek Magazine's Voices of the Century issue, Investors Business Daily, Woman's World, PAX-TV's It's A Miracle show, CNN, FOX-TV, BBC, NPR and PBS.

Speaker Leigh Brown Speaker Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown Speaker Leigh Brown

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Charlotte

Leigh Brown is a successful Realtor, forward-thinking CEO, creative author, honest coach, and kickin' keynote speaker. With over 18 years experience in the real estate industry (she started in the biz with her Daddy), Leigh has successfully led her team to be one of the top RE/MAX teams in North Carolina as well as the country. In addition to her impressive real estate career, Leigh is focused on training folks to do better, strive to be more, and to take the reins and lead! Her inspirational speeches have been lauded by audiences around the globe.

Speaker Les Norman

Les Norman "Breakin' the Norm!"

Fees: $4000 - $7500 Flies out: Kansas City

Les Norman is a former KC Royals Outfielder and current Sports Radio Host of "Breakin' The Norm" on Sports Radio 810WHB.

Speaker Leslie Ungar Leslie Ungar

Leslie Ungar Leslie Ungar

Fees: $2500 - $10000 Flies out: Cleveland

As president of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., she helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership. Benefit from Leslie as Coach, Speaker, and Speechwriter. As a Coach, she creates a personalized strategy to electrify the journey to your performance potential. Together you will develop new communication patterns and implement methods that create results for executives, business owners, leaders, and Next Generation Leadership. As a speaker, Leslie ignites audiences to believe that they can create and communicate their best solutions. She also throws out chocolate so you won't want to disengage during her presentations! As a Speechwriter, she can write a speech that will sound like you, only better! One of her all time thrills was writing the speech for Akron's Welcome Home NBA Champion LeBron . Two lines from that speech were repeated over and over again on ESPN.



Fees: $12500 - $15000 Flies out: Los Angeles

After nearly twenty years in senior leadership roles in communications at media giants Universal, Sony and Turner Broadcasting, Libby is now CEO of executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company. A sought-after international speaker, Libby was also the PR/branding brain behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show.

Speaker Lillian  Bjorseth Business networking and communication skills

Lillian Bjorseth Business networking and communication skills

Fees: $3500 - $7500 Flies out:

Lillian's dynamic presentations on the essentials of business networking and effective communicating are transformational. She is at ease with CEOs and administrative assistants. She's equally at ease with inspirational keynotes, workshops, inhouse training, entertaining luncheon or dinner talks and skills coaching. Her confidence, enthusiasm and zeal create the learning environment you seek and get her consistently awesome reviews. She was among the first in the world to become an Inscape Publishing certified DiSCĀ® trainer. She helps you speak the language of your customers, peers, supervisors and top management through customized applications for boards of directors, corporate and association staff and sales organizations.

Speaker Linda Armstrong  Kelly

Linda Armstrong Kelly

Fees: $7500 - $10000 Flies out: Dallas

Linda Armstrong Kelly challenges parents and leaders, motivates teens and team members, and lights a fire under anyone who's ever dreamed of making a difference. Delivering dynamic messages about work-life balance and personal potential, this self-made Cinderella shares a captivating life story that sweeps audiences from the Dallas projects where she grew up to the streets of Paris where she watched her son, Lance Armstrong, astonish the world with seven consecutive Tour de France victories. Recently on a special program hosted by Michael J. Fox, Lance attributed his determination and positive attitude to his mother!