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Speaker Conor Cunneen Energizing, Educational, Entertaining

Conor Cunneen Energizing, Educational, Entertaining

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Chicago

Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks Substance with Humor to Energize, Educate, Entertain Conor Cunneen is an Irishman happily exiled in Chicago where he says the natives are friendly, the sports fans are hopeless optimists and he's been force-fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland! He is also an in-demand, thought-provoking speaker who presents compelling Substance with Humor to audiences from Harley-Davidson to Helsinki, from Memphis to Madrid. A compassionate and caring speaker, he combines business experience from Ireland, UK and USA with the Irish wit that won him Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year to present programs that audiences Laughing and Learning. Clients know Conor keeps his E4 Brand Promise to Energize, Educate, Entertain and Easy to work with.

Speaker Cortney  Baker Dallas Based Speaker Cortney Baker

Cortney Baker Dallas Based Speaker Cortney Baker

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Dallas

Dr. Cortney Baker is a speech therapist, business owner, entrepreneur, leadership expert, Motivational Speaker, philanthropist, wife, mother of three, and proud native Texan. She received her doctoral degree from Pepperdine University in Organizational Leadership, where she conducted research on women who had overcome challenges in their careers in healthcare but had achieved incredible success.

Speaker Courtney  Clark Speaker Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark Speaker Courtney Clark

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Austin

I had a series of three brain surgeries in 2011 to remove the aneurysm. During those months I spent lying in bed, in pain so intense I wanted to die, I realized I had a choice for how I could move forward. Now I teach others how to make that same choice. I designed my presentations to help organizations adapt to change and crisis when the stakes are high. I've done the research and I've lived it: I know that resilience in the face of major stress is possible, and I know how to get it done. Audience members who hear my presentations say my strategies make it easier to manage change, cope with anxiety, bounce back, let go of “the plan,” and get clarity when life, love, or work throw you a curveball.

Speaker Coyte Cooper Coyte Cooper

Coyte Cooper Coyte Cooper

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Sacramento

A former college professor, Dr. Coyte Cooper walked away from his career at UNC to pursue his dream of becoming an author, coach, and speaker impacting millions of lives across the world. Why? Because he had a passion to go out and create messages that would inspire people to live to potential. On top of this, he looked around and noticed that far too many people were settling for results and lives below their potential. Dr. Cooper has poured into creating transformational books, coaching programs, keynote talks, and trainings that are designed to help people flip the script on negative patterns so they can maximize their potential. These are custom designed to help people establish powerful habits that radically improve clarity, focus, ENERGY, motivation, and results in their lives. At the end of the day, Dr. Cooper has one goal: to help people maximize their potential so they can create results and lives they absolutely LOVE.

Speaker Craig  Karges Speaker Craig Karges

Craig Karges Speaker Craig Karges

Fees: $5000 - $10000 Flies out: Pittsburgh

Craig Karges is truly extraordinary! The “extraordinist” is an award-winning entertainer, a nationally recognized speaker and an author. Karges has made over five thousand appearances in 22 countries on four continents and in all fifty states.

Speaker Craig  Valentine Change, Communication and Motivation

Craig Valentine Change, Communication and Motivation

Fees: $4000 - $8000 Flies out: Baltimore

Craig Valentine, MBA, an award-winning speaker, management trainer, and speech coach, has traveled the world helping speakers breathe life into their presentations. He has spoken in 10 countries and trained speakers from dozens more. In 1999 he won the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International after competing with more than 25,000 contestants from 14 countries.

Speaker Craig S.  Juengling The E2 Coach

Craig S. Juengling The E2 Coach

Fees: $3000 - $5000 Flies out:

Think of a business coach the same way you think of an athletic coach. No professional or amateur athlete, no matter how gifted, would think of playing without a coach to help them get into top condition, develop a strategy to win consistently and become agile on the field as playing conditions change. This is the same for a business coach. Craig Juengling helps you build upon your strengths while you acquire new skills and capabilities. You develop innovative strategies to win and become more agile and adaptive to the constant change you face in business. Craig is a certified Coach who has over two decades of executive level experience running hospitals and health care systems. He puts that experience to work for you to create wins on your playing field!

Speaker Crystal  Gifford Wealth Building Speaker Crystal Gifford

Crystal Gifford Wealth Building Speaker Crystal Gifford

Fees: $3500 - $15000 Flies out: Tampa

A featured author in the international best selling book, “The Live Sassy Formula”, and in CFO Magazine, Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP®, known as “The Monetization Maven” guides speakers, authors, and coaches to a life of financial freedom by helping them create the Massive Revenue Strategy ™ for their business and their lives through her Residual Revenue Retreats™.

Speaker Cullen Jones Olympic Gold Medalist

Cullen Jones Olympic Gold Medalist

Fees: $5000 - $12000 Flies out:

Cullen Jones burst onto the swimming scene at the 2005 World University. He easily won the Gold Medal in the 50 freestyle and became the first African-American Male to win a Gold Medal at the World University Games. Cullen continues to dominate the 50 meter sprint event and has also become a threat in the 100 meter freestyle. At the 2006 Pan Pacific Games, Cullen became the first African American to break a world record in swimming in an Olympic contested event as a part of the USA's 4 X 100 Freestyle Relay Team. He also won the 50 meter freestyle swimming the fastest time in the world for 2006. Cullen was a 4 time ACC Champion and 2006 NCAA Champion from North Carolina State University.

Speaker Curley Boo Johnson Motivational Speaker Curley

Curley Boo Johnson Motivational Speaker Curley "Boo" Johnson

Fees: $7500 - $10000 Flies out: Phoenix

Curley "Boo" Johnson played for 18 seasons (1988-2006) for the internationally renowned Harlem Globetrotters. Curley inherited the role of dribbling wizard made famous by Marques Haynes and "Curly" Neal and became known as "The World's Greatest Dribbler."