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Over the past 20 years, Vickie Bouffard's vast business experience spans inside sales, field sales and management within both the B2B and B2C sectors. Her career includes highly visible positions with Countrywide Bank, LEGO, Dale Carnegie, AFLAC, and many medium sized insurance, mortgage, and computer education companies.


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Sales and Sales Training

But here’s the amazing thing. Without exception, Bouffard has consistently emerged as the #1 sales producer within every company she’s ever worked! Not only did she earn the most money, she did it while working the fewest hours!

Okay, you’ve got to be wondering “how is this possible; how the heck did she pull that off”?

Go With Confidence

One of the keys to Bouffard’s documented history of accomplishment was an immutable professional philosophy: “Go With Confidence”. Simply stated, a strong conviction in the company she worked for, their products, and herself is transferred to the customer and the result is… you guessed it… sales. It’s not a mystery or magic, but rather learned confidence.

Add to that a consistent demonstration of “it’s not about working more, it’s about working better!”

Bouffard’s credos were fortified by an evolving series of highly efficient, simple and repeatable sales processes, systems and strategies that transformed her selling skills, knowledge, and mindset. And the same’s been true for all the teams that she’s managed.

Wanting to share the secrets of her success and transform the mindset and results for sales teams of small to medium sized companies across the United States, Bouffard’s launched Quantum Performance Training in 2007.


Bouffard specializes in sales process and system design, development and implementation that detect “leaks” and identify where an organization’s loss of prospects and customers is either “dripping” or “gushing”. And the results speak for itself!

For one national insurance company, Bouffard’s intervention more than doubled closing ratios (from 20% to 50%!), increased outbound call capacity by 10%, and reduced customer wait times by 30%.

Executive and business unit management applauded Bouffard for transforming the training department of two mortgage banks into cutting edge corporate resources.

As the liaison between sales and operations, Bouffard implemented numerous sales process and system improvements that created a highly efficient and effective sales and operations hand off.

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