Speaker Tom  Tursich The People Development Professional

Dr. Tom Tursich has the educational background to assist organizations. Graduate with honors from Carroll College in Helena, Montana Attained his D.D.S. degree from St. Louis University Dental School. Graduate of the CE course, "The Dentist as CEO," sponsored by the University of Washington's Dental and Business schools. Attended certification courses for Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator from the Center for Applied Psychological Type in Gainesville, Florida. Attendee and facilitator for the course "Increasing Human Effectiveness" for Edge Learning of Tacoma, Washington.


  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership
  • Life Balance
  • Motivational
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stress
  • Teambuilding
  • Time Management


$3500 - $5000

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The People Development Professional

What Dr. Tom Tursich can do for you, your business or organization.

He is familiar with the problems and challenges of owning and managing a small business. He owned a dental practice for 31 years. He continues to be involved in running his own speaking enterprise. In his own words, “he is doomed forever to be a business owner, because he loves the freedom of ownership. ”

Provides assistance to businesses and organizations in utilizing employee strengths and skills to their best advantage and to assist in business growth. This will take place through his workshop, “Organizational Development and Teambuilding with the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator.” You need to determine the strengths of your people and put them in a position where they truly have the opportunity to succeed.

Provides an understanding of conflict management and communication in the workplace. This occurs through the utilization of the Thomas-Kilman conflict mode indicator and proper communication techniques so that you can manage conflict to your best advantage in your organization. You must appreciate the fact that conflict is necessary for you to grow and develop; otherwise you become a weak jellyfish that is easily crushed by competitors in your industry.

Assists organizations that are undergoing gut-wrenching change. Who could be better to talk about managing change than a person who sold a practice he had managed for 31 years and stepped into a totally different industry at the age of 60? An age when he should have retired to the beach and golf course. He is completely devoted to developing his speaking business.

Informs organizations and individuals about the qualities of leadership in his presentation, “The Call of the Leader.” Dr. Tom has spent the last 20 years of his career analyzing the great leaders of our time in order to assist himself and others in maximizing their leadership capabilities.

His most popular presentation is a critical one. The title is, “Desperately Seeking Balance.” It is a commentary on our times. The world has become so time-pressured, chaotic and busy that we all desperately need to find a measure of balance in order to avoid burnout, losing a passion for life and spending most of our time putting out brush fires.

Guides employees, individuals and entrepreneurs through their own process of personal development in the presentation, “Life gets Better When You get Better.”

Dr. Tom Tursich resides in the beautiful Gallatin Valley of Bozeman, Montana with his wife of 45 years, Sandy. It was here that he built his dental practice and raised two children. He is a member of SCORE (service core of retired volunteers) where he has the opportunity to counsel new entrepreneurs on starting and successfully managing their own business. He is also a member of the Montana Association of Society Executives. Dr. Tursich proudly served two years in the United States air Force at Clark AFB in the Philippines during the Vietnam conflict. Dr. Tursich is proud to be an American, the greatest country on the face of the earth and the signpost for those nations who want to jump start their economies and encourage freedom.

DESPERATELY SEEKING BALANCE time-management and work/life balance.

THE DRILL TEAM NEEDS A LEADER team-building and leadership. Also called,THE CALL OF THE LEADER for non dental groups.


THE FIVE TRAITS OF CREDIBLE SPEAKERS, COMMUNICATORS AND LEADERS presentation skills and communication techniques.

SUCCESS= MIND + TIME x PASSION motivation and goal-setting

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