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Dr. Dewett is the new face of leadership. The most electrifying, funny, memorable, and relevant leadership speaker in the country.


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Dr. Dewett Fuel 4 Leaders

A former consultant, professor and radio personality, Dr. Dewett now performs full-time in front of thousands every year. He is the author of the popular leadership guide “The Little Black Book of Leadership”, as well as blog posts for his blog and many others around the country.

When he delivers a speech, he changes lives. Your team will be moved, they will laugh, they will learn, and they will thank you! His colorful brand of leadership and career expertise has lead to mentions in The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Investors Business Daily, Forbes, CNN, and hundreds of other outlets.

After beginning his career at Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young, he has since spoken to, coached, or trained thousands of professionals. A client once said he was fuel for leaders.


This keynote address inspires while making leadership practical and accessible. Building on organizational science and years of practical experience, Dr. Dewett engages the audience with leadership insight through personal, funny, and emotionally moving stories. SHOW YOUR INK is a reference to Dr. Dewett’s tattoos. He once hid them professionally – but not any more. The phrase is a reminder to be authentic and real. Managing impressions professionally is understandable, but we overindulge to the point that people don’t share our complete selves – say hello to mediocre relationships and unimpressive productivity. You can change that reality right now. People need to know the real you, the complete you. You must find your version of SHOW YOUR INK. From communication and decision making to employee engagement and recognition, Dr. Dewett addresses your core challenges through the lens of authenticity with thought provoking takeaways you can use immediately, all wrapped in the energy and humor that make him one of the most in-demand speakers in the country.

Building Audacious Breakthrough Teams

Addressing the core elements of high performing teams and the leaders who facilitate their magic, this keynote lights a fire and pushes the audience to fundamentally re-think life inside the team.

Creativity and Innovation: Moving From Rhetoric to Reality

This keynote address offers hilarious yet thoughtful insights on creativity and innovation. It suggests that most leaders are full of hot air when they say they want real change and improvement, and it reveals how the best get past cheap rhetoric to ignite real change.

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