Speaker Tammy  Miller Pink Ribbon Stories – Celebration of Life

Heeeere's Tammy... Inspirational keynote, conference, seminar and retreat Leader - Assured to Heighten Emotions, Break Glass Ceilings and create fervor in self!


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Pink Ribbon Stories – Celebration of Life

A dynamic speaker, Tammy brings the message of humor and hope to audiences from around the globe. As a cancer survivor who went through surgery with a humor team, a supply of clown noses and feather boas, Tammy brings a fresh look at life and
how we can ALL embrace each day. As a professional speech coach, Tammy delivers powerful presentations on delivering
powerful presentations! Tammy is an energetic and engaging master of ceremonies for your convention, conference, or
meeting. In need of an auctioneer for your next charity event, give Tammy a call. No matter what the topic, Tammy will bring her unique sense of humor and passion to your audience, and leave them inspired and empowered to move from where they are to where they want to be.

  • Discovering the Healing Power of Humor – The power of humor in healing is still a relatively new topic of research. In this lively presentation, we examine how we can use humor to help us heal in even the most serious of health issues. As a cancer survivor, Tammy discusses the “Lessons Learned Along the Path”, but her path to recovery may not be the path you expect. This lighthearted approach to healing is a healthy reminder to all of us that life is about choices, and we have many more choices than we realize! Highly acclaimed workshop! Every participant gets involved and receives a few little gifts along the way!
  • Meet Your Challenges and Thrive – Have you ever wondered how some people can survive and thrive when given a challenge in life, while others go to bed and put the covers over their heads? This upbeat presentation will help anyone who has dealt with or is dealing with challenges in life. Presented by a lively survivor, Tammy will explore ways that we can help ourselves “heal and deal” with humor. You will enjoy this engaging look at ways we can heal with humor, and deal with every challenge with a lighter heart! This presentation combines elements of time management, strategic thinking, and personal goal accomplishment.
  • Finding Your Inner Cluck – Choosing the right attitude can make a major difference in our lives both at work and at home. This lively workshop helps you recognize the attitude choices you currently make, and how you can change the directional path you have chosen, for greater success. This lighthearted presentation offers practical steps to making changes, developing your strengths, understanding your ability to make changes for the positive, and you may even find a rubber chicken or two along the way!. Join the fun and learn along the way! Looking for a way to bring the FUN of more rubber chickens to your life? – Check out Tammy’s Rubber Chicken Jewelry – a great fashion accessory and a gift that few peple already have, but most REALLY want!
  • Your Guide to Winning Presentations – Making an effective presentation involves much more than just getting in front of an audience and speaking. This workshop will teach you the very basics you need to deliver a winning presentation. Learn how to structure your presentation, adapt your message to a specific audience, bring vocal variety and body language to your delivery, help ease your stage fright, and make use of other presentation skills that will make your audience sit up and listen. This includes the Speech Cookie OREO Method from Tammy’s lastest book, My Life is Just Speech Material, And, So Is Yours. It is a great book to help you think on your feet and organize your thoughts.
  • The Magic of Motivation – Stuck in a rut and looking for a ladder to help you climb out? Want to discover why some people seem to have it all together and others are still trying to find the pieces? In this enlightening and entertaining workshop, you will discover the tools necessary to create your own personal ladder to success. By examining the roles of motivation, self-esteem, and positive attitude, you will learn how to add passion, pleasure, and purpose to every aspect of your life, and maybe just a little magic along the way! Get ready to have a great time and discover some of the magic you have within yourself in this session!
  • Brain Aerobics – The human brain is a mysterious and largely undiscovered organ that makes us who we are. Until recently, it was thought that the brain lost its capability as we aged. Recent discoveries have shown that the brain can be exercised, strengthened, and grown no matter how old we are. In this session, you will learn how to unleash your creative self, tailor an exercise regimen for your brain, and enhance your learning skills through game playing, mind-mapping, and bringing out the kid in you! The brain research is changing daily, making this an ever evolving presentation!
  • This Funny Place Called Work – Are you looking for ways to increase your office productivity? How about ways to lighten up the workplace? Research indicates that people with a greater sense of humor do better at their jobs, are more productive and creative, and enjoy higher job satisfaction. Through lively discussions and hands on activities, you will find a variety of ways to enjoy the day while getting the work done. You will learn how to look for humor, sometimes creating your own, but always finding an excuse to laugh! Explore the benefits of taking your job seriously, yourself lightly, and discover ways to help build creativity and resolve work place conflicts. This presentation is a lot of fun for everyone! It can also be tailored for specific issues in your office – just ask Tammy for more details!
  • Engaging the Whole Body of Leadership – This workshop is creating a lot of positive talk about Tammy and leadership!! As we all know, being an effective leader is a great deal more than just standing in front of a group of people. In this informative and lighthearted workshop, we will examine the whole body of an effective leader and what it takes to stand above the rest. This is an excellent opportunity for new leaders, experienced leaders, or people who are just thinking about stepping into this fun arena of leadership!

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