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Steve builds communication superstars in organizations like yours by mixing cutting-edge research, real-world experience, and highly-interactive programs. His unique approach has been forged over 20 years as a top advertising executive, business owner, history teacher and stand-up comedian. He gives you a rare blend of steak and sizzle.


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St. Louis

Hit Your Stride

Steve’s Story

Steve’s journey to Hit Your Stride includes stints as a high school history teacher, computer salesman, stand-up comedian, and even a residential house painter. Prior to launching his own business, he spent 12 years in advertising and PR and was a managing partner at a 50-person ad agency.

Steve’s seminars have been featured on NPR, BBC Radio, and CBS (KMOV-TV). He’s also the creator of National Be Kind to Lawyers Day (www.BeKindToLawyers.com) celebrated annually on the 2nd Tuesday in April.

He holds a BA in French Literature and European History from the University of Kansas and an MBA in Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis where he was awarded the prestigious Olin Cup.

Steve met, fell in love with and married Mary Anne Chappell in 1994. They have two well-behaved daughters, Caroline and Elizabeth.

He travels out of St. Louis, MO.

1) Influence: The Art & Science of Changing Minds

How would you like to snap your fingers and your co-workers and clients would instantly agree with your position? It may not be that easy, however you can dramatically improve your odds by understanding how people make decisions and what causes them to act. This dynamic program draws on the latest psychological research to illustrate how you can influence clients, prospects, and colleagues to see things your way and change their minds. Plus, you’ll leave with practical ideas you can apply immediately.

2) Tell Me More: Creating Interest in Your Business with Everyone You Meet

What if you could transform total strangers into brand ambassadors for your product or service? And what if you could do it with honesty and integrity? And have fun at the same time? The good news is that anyone can create a viral message that others like to hear and willingly spread. This dynamic, power-packed program shows you exciting and effective ways to get people to say “tell me more about your company.” And when they do, you’ll have permission to engage them deeper and expand your opportunities. Best of all, you’ll walk away with strategies you can apply right away.

3) Dazzle Me: Captivate and Win Over Any Audience

Great speakers are made, not born. If you know what audiences truly want and the ways adults process information, anyone can learn to confidently engage and motivate others. This lively program combines the time-tested wisdom of the Greek philosophers with the latest insights from today’s leading storytellers: Madison Avenue and Hollywood. This program also incorporates the latest psychological research on attention span and human decision-making. When all of these factors are taken into account and applied correctly, your team can connect with audiences so that they listen more, retain more and buy more.

4) Instant Access: Making Great & Lasting First Impressions

In today’s hectic 24/7-business climate it’s more important than ever to make immediate, positive impressions on the people you meet. Once established, these first impressions can become your building blocks to an ever-expanding network of new business and referrals. This unique class combines the latest business and sociological studies with real-world, practical insights that your team can apply right away. In fact, many of the concepts taught in this program run counter to the fads of the day, but all are grounded in solid research and proven results.

5) Leave ’em Laughing: The Serious Impact of Humor

How would you like audiences to not only pay more attention to what you have to say, but they also remember it more? By using appropriate humor to set up and reinforce key points, you can do just that. In this upbeat program you will learn how to harness the power of humor to increase your likeability and make deeper connections with your customers, colleagues, and prospects. Not only will you enjoy making presentations more, your audiences will appreciate the fact that you took extra steps to make your material interesting. These techniques will also help you deliver boring material with flair while maintaining your professionalism and credibility.

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