Speaker Sharon   Bennett  The Shoe Fetish Movement for the Empowerment of Female Youths & Women

“A woman must first be empowered to be who she is before she can begin to think of who she might become. Once knowing who she is, she can then find her path to womanhood. A woman might not remember every word she has heard throughout her life, but she will remember how she felt when wearing that special pair of shoes. Whether that feeling was good or bad for her, nothing should stand between her and that experience.”


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San Antonio

The Shoe Fetish Movement for the Empowerment of Female Youths & Women

Sharon Bennett is a native of San Antonio, Texas who loves high heel shoes and loved reading & writing since childhood. As a child her crowning point was reading over 50-books during one summer. Her literary interest continued through to adulthood, writing poems, journaling, and short stories along the way. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Bachelors of Science. Spending 14 years in Atlanta, GA she is a 16 year veteran Health Management/Consultant, Motivational Speaker, poet, & author. Mrs. Bennett has spoken to many book clubs, church groups, & professional groups.

She has written numerous poems but published 3-poems. One winning a Library of Poetry Editor’s Choice Award in 2001 & has been a guest on several radio station shows. She desired to expand her writing which lead to her doing articles, starting with an online mother’s magazine and Women on the Move website. Her first book entitled The L.E. Bennett Story: Living the Dream, a biography chronicling the life of her father & his civil rights activities in 1960’s Texas. Second was the book SHOE FETISH: A Woman’s Odyssey of Love for Her Men and Her Shoes, which she wrote with co-author Beatrice Moore.

The author is currently working on her third book, the sequel entitled, SHOE FETISH: Grown Into High Heels. It was with the writing of this book that she had a revelation that could affect the connection of all women. A way to empower and move towards maturity, self-love, & a real sisterhood, The Shoe Fetish Movement! It’s a twist on “The Rites of Passage,” and the ladies have to be ready to tell the story of their favorite pair of shoes & then to strut their stuff. A member of NSA and NAPW.

Available for Shoe Fetish Movement Events &/or relaxation times for groups from our youth in junior high school all the way through college, military women, sororities, bridal showers, clubs, charity organizations, and the corporate world and conventions. She loves to have fun in an upbeat way using music videos.

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