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Motivational, inspirational and full of great takeaways, Scott's powerful signature story revolves around his two small children who were abducted to the Middle East. Amazingly, he accomplished what few thought could be done, successfully devising a plan to locate bring his children home to America.


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The "Never Give Up" Guy

Scott exemplifies the attributes of the Never Give Up guy in many areas of his life. Over the years, the message of Persistence = Success has permeated the way he has triumphed over challenges and overcame adversity. As a keynote speaker, Scott motivates audiences with his powerful and entertaining message.

Scott amazingly devised a plan to reunite with his two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East and no laws required them to be returned. This proved to be a significant test of both his resolve and the strength of his conviction. The abduction and how he retained custody of his children led to the principles of tenacity and persistence displayed in his customized presentations.

Professionally, Scott has received numerous top sales achievement awards at a Fortune 500, Berkshire-Hathaway owned company in a career spanning 28 years. As a result of his sales training and on-the-job work experience, Scott’s expertise and “years in the trenches” show that he can relate and inspire sales and management staffs.

In another test of his will, Scott was pinned between two semi-trailers in a horrible auto accident. Through quick thinking, determination and a lot of luck, he was able to barely extricate himself from his mini-van. This can-do attitude and resolve are reflected in each presentation that Scott gives.

In addition, Scott has run the equivalent of 1,300 marathons over thirty years. As a motivational speaker, he has the energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and proven track record to ignite your group and handle any environment.

Scott gives back by lending his professional skills to the Parenting Network, Wisconsin Father’s for Children and Family and other groups who need facilitation, development or other types of volunteer work.

Focus on What’s Truly Important: Implementing the Never Give Up Perspective

Never Give Up Scott’s been there and done that! This skill set can be taught. Participants will walk away stronger and more focused on their personal and professional lives.

Persistence=Success Scott clearly demonstrates how you can achieve your goals using clear focus imagery and dogged determination. Anyone can rise to the occasion and turn themselves into the next “Never Give Up” guy (or girl!)

Believe in You Your success is directly tied with how you feel about yourself. This section focuses on positive attitude, thinking outside your comfort zone and intertwining your professional and personal goals.

Winning Your Customer’s Business: How to Leap Over the Competition

Listen Up! The key to understanding your customer and their goals depends on how well you listen. Scott teaches you his straightforward proven techniques that have garnered millions in sales revenue while increasing profit margins.

Saying No! Scott explains why this powerful tool should be used when the moment is right and how it will grow your business at the same time. Also, you’ll find out how to identify the true meaning behind what your customers are saying and how to turn their negative responses into opportunities for growth by asking the right questions.

See the BIG Picture Questions lead to answers. Great questions lead to sales. Scott clearly lays out his “sales ritual” of powerful questions. These can be used successfully in business and your personal life to grasp a greater understanding of individual needs.

Keep your Eyes on the Prize Scott shows how to weave through adversity, uncooperative customers and the myriad of roadblocks that can impede a sale. Building off of “Seeing the Big Picture,” your staff will understand how to break down barriers in their client relationships and earn the business.

Handling Change in the Workplace Dealing with change in the workplace can be challenging for anyone. Combining successful anecdotes with practical information on how to “move effortlessly with your company’s new directives,” Scott will show your staff the best ways to navigate change.

Improve Your Staff’s Productivity: Satisfied Staff are the Cornerstone of Successful Businesses

Five Stress Reducing Techniques that Work! Your competition will suffer, but you and your staff will flourish. In this interactive session we’ll have fun as Scott describes the five techniques that have helped propel his sales and personal life. This interactive group activity will give your team important tools to lower stress and improve performance.

Replenishing Workplace Satisfaction Unhappy or dissatisfied workers can hurt your company’s morale, lower productivity and upset your customers. You’ll learn how to weave through the different generations and speak “their” language in this fun, hands-on program.

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