Speaker Scott  Deming Customer service and Change

Customer Service didn't die a sudden, unexpected death. It has been dying a slow, very painful death for a very long time. Why? Simply put, people stopped caring. Service today is typical and transactional. People look at customers as an opportunity for a sale, rather than an opportunity for a meaningful relationship that will turn that customer into a loyal evangelist for life. Customer service is dying because people simply stopped looking at other people as fellow human beings. But all is not lost! It's not over just yet! There's still time to shock customer service back to life. And there's one person who is bent on making that happen!


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Customer service and Change

Scott Deming is on a mission – to bring emotion, sincerity, caring and humanity back into customer service. Scott Deming is on a mission – to impact as many people and as many organizations as possible with a simple message and a tried and true process. Scott Deming is on a mission – to teach executives, management, and staff that everyone is in this together. And finally, Scott Deming is taking his nearly thirty years of advertising and marketing experience and showing proof positive that advertising is simply awareness. RELATIONSHIPS RULE and building a BRAND through emotional, one-of-a-kind experiences, not just great advertising, is the key to SUSTAINABLE personal and professional success.

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