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With over 27 years of formal and informal speaking and training experience, Sandy Geroux delivers motivational keynotes and training programs to help “Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace™” which focus on creating places where employees are not just grateful to have a job, but thankful to have their job, creating higher employee engagement and commitment to values and exceptional service. Her programs address issues including creativity and innovation in the workplace, tapping into employees' hidden/underutilized talents and interests, and creating a culture of caring, compassion and commitment to values, respect and service to others.


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Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace

Author of two books and recipient of numerous sales awards, Sandy is listed in the 2002-2003 National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals. She is also a frequent contributor to business and industry magazines, including Entrepreneur, Broker-Agent Pro, NAR’s national and statewide REALTOR Magazines and more, as well as a columnist for the American Society of Administrative Professionals and Progressive Business Publications’ Administrative Update.

Having served as a Business Systems Consultant to a national catalog retailer, designing, testing, implementing and training users on its corporate-wide systems, Sandy has had much exposure to the world of technology. In addition to participating in corporate-wide technology initiatives, she also owned a desktop publishing business and has taught hands-on computer classes at technology companies and colleges in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

In addition, Sandy is also a singer, has performed in numerous musical and dramatic stage productions and has sung the National Anthem at various sports venues, including Daytona International Speedway. She often includes humorous song parodies and inspiring songs in her programs for added impact on her audiences.

Sandy combines real-life entrepreneurial, entertainment, training and speaking experience and knowledge that make her uniquely qualified to help diverse audiences not only realize the benefits of creating WOW experiences, but show them how to achieve the success they desire. Thus, her programs are not only inspiring, but overflowing with practical ideas, tips and tools to help individuals succeed with their personal dreams and assist organizations in accomplishing their bottom-line objectives.

Another plus is Sandy’s dynamic speaking style, which has been described by those who have seen her as enthusiastic, energetic and extremely motivating!

Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace™!

Do your employees have to come to work because they make a paycheck… or do they love to come to work because they make a difference? How do we create a WOWplace out of an ordinary workplace? We do it by focusing on one simple question that guides all our actions: “How do I make you feel?”

Creating the WOW is about everyday actions that make people feel so good about working with – and buying from – you that they can’t wait to share you with everyone they know. In this program, Sandy offers uplifting ideas, entertaining and impactful stories and examples, and easy-to-use models that foster innovative and proactive thinking to help attendees remember they do make a difference… and lead others to do the same. Sandy reminds attendees to eliminate the excuses that justify mediocrity, break the “status quo”, and reinforce a culture of service, creativity, values and respect that gives rise to inspired WOWplaces™ that deliver higher levels of satisfaction, fulfillment, loyalty and success.

It’s My Dream and Who Am I to Stop Me?

Do you have a dream to be debt-free, own your own home, or pay off your mortgage early? Maybe you’d like to earn an advanced degree, expand your options, or earn a higher income. Are you good at setting goals? Maybe you’re great at it…but do you usually accomplish them, or are you continually setting goals and “getting ready” to accomplish them, without ever reaching the desired result? Let’s face it, we’re all great goal-setters, but are we great goal-achievers? In this inspiring and entertaining program, Sandy shares the mindsets and habits of high achievers, as well as key principles and tips to reach your dreams by fostering those mindsets, creating a framework and plan to achieve success, and increasing your self-reliance and self-confidence. You will also begin the path to setting – and achieving – your own personal and professional dreams before you leave this program!

No Risk, No Reward

As a society, we’re taught to avoid risk and focus on playing it “safe.” What we’re not taught is that some level of risk is necessary in order to progress forward, nor are we taught where this level is, how to gauge and leverage it for our own success, and the high personal cost of “playing it safe”. This program is designed to help attendees create breakthrough performance by learning to think differently about taking risks and realize the critical importance of taking calculated and appropriate risks. They will also discover the factors they will face when deciding to take risks, as well as principles to follow to achieve their goals and gain buy-in from others. Sandy shares personal experience and the experiences of others who have escaped the trap of “playing it safe” to inspire attendees to think more creatively about taking personal and professional risks.

With this program, Sandy also helps organizations create a climate that encourages and rewards reasonable and appropriate risk, so employees feel empowered to connect with their values and creativity to produce exceptional experiences for themselves, their colleagues and their customers!


As EMCEE for your conference, Sandy brings a liberal dose of warmth, humor, and connection that delivers the right message and creates an experience attendees will not forget. From humorous interactions, to fun quizzes and interactive games, to inspiring quotes, to delivering key messages, Sandy’s personal style makes everyone feel welcome and valued. She even sings! Sandy will also attend your fun events, dress in “themed” attire for fun programs, help with raffle drawings… and generally do whatever needs to be done to create a consistent and welcoming presence when your organizers cannot be “everywhere at once”!

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