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Find the funny side. Appreciate the ridiculous. Practice safe stress. Since 1986, Rosemary Verri has taught hundreds of people—in every industry and organization, from every walk of life — how to harness the power of humor.


  • Coaching
  • Humor
  • Life Balance
  • Motivational
  • Stress


$3500 - $4500

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The Verri Idea!

At your breakout session, dinner presentation or as the featured keynote speaker at your next annual event, Rosemary will entertain, educate and bring your people together with the gift of laughter. You’ll leave feeling renewed, rewarded, rejuvenated—and if necessary, revived!

With over 20 years experience as a sales manager in one of the largest direct sales companies in the world,a social worker with the blind, and a mother of four, Rosemary Verri learned early on how a humorous approach to life (as well as a smile) helps us all cope in a fast-changing, tension-laden world.

“I learned from the blind that you should smile when you speak; they can hear the smile in your voice.”

Throughout the US and Canada, Rosemary has educated and entertained audiences with a lively, funny, sometimes uproarious, then quietly subtle, dynamic presentation.

You’ll learn how to use humor to bring people together, how to gain trust and approval, how to make people more receptive to your ideas.

Make Room for Laughter
Learn how to develop your “Humor Awareness. “What is Humor” How can you use it more intentionally to enrich your work, life, relationships and productivity? The perfect keynote for every group, the perfect opening/closing session presentation!

A Smile, the Ultimate Persuasion
The lighter side of customer service. Learn how to make your customers happy, how to create positive mood shifts, deal with difficult people and disagree without being disagreeable. Learn how to use humor as a tool, a more natural & powerful resource.

Practice Safe Stress
Stress is not caused by reality; it’s caused by our perception of reality. And humor reframes that perception. Learn how to interrupt your stress cycle, how to use “Humor Aikido” and “Prepared Flexibility” to deflect anger and view problems in an entirely different light!

Laugh for the Health of It
Laughter releases endorphins which are more potent than morphine and reduce the feeling of pain. Laughter enhances respiration and circulation, oxygenates the blood, and activates the immune system. So many healthy benefits occur during hearty laughter. And smiling is the ultimate anti-depressant. These are vital tools to our good health. Positive humor does not merely protect you from illness; it promotes wellness. It’s good medicine!

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