Speaker Richard  Weylman Richard Weylman - Elevating Business Performance in Today's Marketplace

Entrepreneur and Strategic Consultant – Richard has worked in tough markets and with unique products – from his earliest days selling cookware to building an award-winning Rolls Royce dealership. He was also head of Sales and Marketing for The Robb Report, an internationally known magazine. No longer affiliated with those firms, he currently is CEO of his own award-winning international consulting firm which works with many companies to elevate their business performance in today's marketplace. Richard is the recipient of the Direct Sales Partnership award as well as a recognized GAMA Gold Resource Partner for the difference he is making in these organizations' member firms.


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Richard Weylman - Elevating Business Performance in Today's Marketplace

Imagine being orphaned at the age of six, spending your childhood living in 19 different foster homes and attending 11 different schools!

After leaving his last foster home, Richard began his sales and marketing career selling cookware. A life-long student of business growth strategies, he progressed and went on to become the head of Sales and Marketing for the Robb Report, world-renowned magazine for the affluent lifestyle, and an Executive at an award-winning Rolls-Royce dealership. Although no longer affiliated with those enterprises, Richard’s experience in marketing, selling and communicating with consumers is unparalleled.

Today, as a highly sought-after marketing consultant, he draws from his lifetime of experience to help others understand today’s difficult marketplace, overcome obstacles and grow a profitable business. He is the author of the bestselling book, Opening Closed Doors – Keys to Reaching Hard to Reach People and the founder of THE WEYLMAN CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE, an online Marketing Support Center and university for professionals and staff to elevate their success. Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Magazine, calls his work in today’s complex marketplace “brilliant.” He is also a member of the United States Luxury Board, whose primary mission is to enable organizations to better understand the affluent consumer.
On a professional level, Richard has been recognized by his peers for his contributions and inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. This lifetime achievement award is given to experts who speak and who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence.

Additionally, Richard has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association and is the recipient of the Council of Peers Award of Excellence, the Direct Selling Association’s Partnership Award and is recognized as a GAMA Gold Resource Partner.
On a personal level, Richard has been recognized for his work on behalf of others by several organizations, including a nomination for the prestigious Horatio Alger Award. This award recognizes outstanding individuals in our society who have succeeded in the face of adversity and pursue dreams with determination and perseverance.

Richard’s speaking, consulting, coaching and educational platforms are filled with unique insights that can be used immediately to improve business. Most importantly, he clearly communicates practical strategies and tactics to Elevate Business Performance in Today’s Marketplace!

1) The Power of Why – Discover the Value Customers Crave to Fuel Your Profits and Crush the Competition
This presentation will change your thinking and actions on how you position your business. It will reshape the way you promote your products and services and sell them to the consumer in today’s marketplace. Specifically, it will show you how to clarify your unique value and communicate it distinctly! So distinctly, that you will separate your business and its products or services from the competition. The result? More inquiries, more sales and profitable growth!
2) How To Really Grow Your Business in THIS Market
Success today requires the right strategies and brilliant execution. Richard’s presentation teaches consumer acquisition strategies and results-oriented tactics to create new business growth.
3) Enhancing Your Understanding of Today’s Consumer
Competency is important but having the right perspective with people is critical. Building long-term, mutually profitable relationships with consumers requires a full understanding of how they define value, make purchase decisions, and the
psychological needs that drive and influence their behaviors.
4) Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Our ability to succeed is ONLY limited by our vision of success. Complacency leads to mediocrity. This compelling and educational message demonstrates the power of having a clear vision for your business and your life. Richard takes the message to a whole new level by teaching proven steps to achieve specific goals and to make your vision a reality.
5) Wringing More Profit Out of Your Business
Consumers now, more than ever, are seeking to do business with people they know and trust. It is not enough to just be technically competent. Success today requires fresh thinking, relevant marketing actions, and a step-by-step, tactical approach.

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