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It's rare to find someone who is both a safety professional and an entertaining speaker, but Richard fits the bill. While his depth of knowledge and experience make for content-rich sessions (Richard spent ten years as a safety engineer and management trainer in the nuclear industry and has worked as a safety consultant on construction sites), he also draws on his musical talents and story-telling skills from his theatre background to deliver presentations that are truly enjoyable.


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Make Safety Fun!

Richard Hawk expert in helping companies’ improve their safety performance by making safety fun.

While his depth of knowledge and experience make for content-rich sessions (Richard spent many years as a safety engineer and management trainer in the Nuclear Industry), he also draws on his lively sense of humor and theater background to deliver presentations that are truly enjoyable.

An accomplished guitarist and singer-songwriter, Richard weaves original songs and parodies into his presentations and uses all manner of innovative props, prizes and stories.

Audiences can’t help but participate, learn and have fun. Richard’s one-of-a-kind presentation style sets him apart and allows him to connect with audiences from start to finish.

Richard’s depth of knowledge is a result of his interactions with thousands of leaders in hundreds of organizations in a wide array of industries, including energy, manufacturing, chemical, construction, healthcare, technology, retail, food services, transportation, government and education.

His diverse background and his experiences as a union and nonunion employee, line worker and manager, and now successful business owner, give him the insight to relate to people at all levels, from employees to CEOs, truck drivers to scholars.

By making safety fun, Richard Hawk can help you take your safety program to the next level.

“I truly believe Richard holds the key to taking safety focus to a whole new level.”

Richard stays on the leading edge of the safety industry. His credentials include numerous safety and technical certifications from various organizations including the National Safety Council.

His weekly Safety Stuff, has over 15,000 subscribers and acts as a clearinghouse for the best ideas from safety professionals all over the world.

1) Chill Out When You’re Stressed Out

What does stress have to do with safety? Everything! Besides sapping energy, stress plays havoc with your senses, shatters attention to detail, and makes people aggressive. People aren’t born with practical skills for keeping their cool, and it’s even tougher to teach someone else how to do it.

2) Create a Vibrant Safety Culture

It’s the job of leaders in your organization to keep everyone engaged on safety issues, yet fatigue, apathy, and life stresses blur employees’ focus and block their attention. For many employees, safety is someone else’s problem, something easily taken for granted. And that’s an attitude that leads to accidents. Richard Hawk’s proven solution? Learn how to leverage the power of personal leadership, sell people on the benefits of your safety program, and keep everyone motivated and inspired. Create a vibrant safety culture that everyone buys in to.

3) The Dangerous Daze

We’ve all heard that human error leads to accidents, but why do people make mistakes when their safety and well-being are on the line? Don’t they realize they’re flirting with disaster? Can’t they see it coming? Well, no, and the reasons are many. But if you knew the specific thought patterns, habits, and behaviors most likely to cause an accident or injury, you’d have a huge opportunity to take action before disaster strikes.

4) Spice It Up!

“Oh, no! Not another boring safety meeting.” Stop torturing your employees with the same old safety “blah, blah, blah”. Why not try something different? Bring new energy to your safety meetings with tips and techniques guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Teaching safe behavior doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

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