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Called, “The Babe Ruth of Body Language” by The Washington Post and credited for bringing the topic to the national consciousness by The New York Times Patti has been researching, writing and speaking on communication for over 27 years. She consults with corporations, law enforcement, and small businesses on the topic and coaches top executives on body language, presentation skills and media interviewing.


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Body Language Expert

Since 1982, Patti has designed and conducted keynote speeches, workshops and convention seminars for hundreds of companies and national associations. She is President of Communication Dynamics a speaking training coaching and consulting firm. She delivers over 100 presentations a year.

Patti was a university instructor in interpersonal communication for eleven years. Her B.A., master’s degree and doctoral coursework are in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication with an emphasis in Nonverbal Communication. She is currently on the Continuing Education faculty of Emory University, Kennesaw University and the Wharton School of Business.

Patti has written extensively on various communication topics and authored seven books including; Success Signals -Reading Body Language; Easy Speaking – Dynamic Delivery, The Conflict Cure and Power Up Your PowerPoint. Going Up! Elevator Speeches, and How to Catch a Liar.

She is appears on: PBS, CNN, National FOX News Network, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, The History Channel, CBS, VH1, E! Entertainment and more. She is quoted in most of the major North American Newspapers including; The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post and The Toronto Sun. She is also quoted regularly in Men’s Health, Details, SPIN, Elle, People, Esquire, Glamour, Entertainment weekly, InStyle, Entrepreneur Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Redbook and Ladies Home Journal, US Weekly, In Touch, Life and Style, Time Magazine recognized her former nonverbal communication course at FSU as one of the top college courses in the country.

Body Language Secrets for Establishing Credibility and Detecting Deception

Key learning points and their impact:

  • Increase trust in your business and personal relationships.
  • Encouraging acceptance and agreement of your ideas through one simple movement.
  • Learn the one big mistake that people always make when trying to read body language . and how it can sabotage your work interactions and personal relationships.
  • Maximize productive in your interpersonal interaction by learning to identify hidden emotions.
  • Gain attention and buy in without raising your voice
  • Practicing three methods to gain and maintain rapport.
  • Unlock the mystery behind such signals as eye blinking, palming, and foot tapping so your meetings and negotiations are more effective.
  • How to tell the difference between nervousness and deception cues
  • How to get a “baseline” of behavior to get to distinguish truth from fiction
  • How introverts and extroverts lie differently and what it means to your reads.
  • How the heart and other “body windows” hide or reveal emotions and what you need to do to look open and honest and tell if others are receptive to your ideas and requests
  • What part of the body is the most “honest?”
  • How to read pauses and word usage for honesty and deception to read people over the phone
  • Learn two powerful questions you need to ask to get to the truth

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