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Patrick Allmond has been speaking at conferences and events for over 16 years. His entertaining style and deep knowledge of his topic area guarantees that your event attendees will walk away refreshed and excited to start implementing what they've learned.


  • Networking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Social Media
  • Technology


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Oklahoma City

Focus, Inc.

Patrick Allmond is a 14 year business veteran at Focus Training, an international online marketing company that is known for “Creating Rockstar Companies on the Internet”. He is also the on-air technology contributor at Fox and KSBI TV. His greatest joy is to teach others and is a seasoned speaker and trainer on the topics of technology and internet marketing. His regular podcast “StopDoingNothing – The Show for High Achievers” is listened by thousands and his YouTube 3in5 series (3 business tips in 5 minutes) is a hit with people that want to learn a new topic fast and get back to work. When not teaching or speaking he loves to fly or spend time with his family.

Patrick is one of the more coherent computer geeks you will ever meet. He started doing amazing things with technology when he joined the Air Force in 1986. After four years serving our nation he came to Oklahoma and started a technology career and a family. He spends most of his days using technology to provide amazing online experiences for the customers of his company Focus Consulting which he founded in 1998. When not heads down geeking it out he enjoy honing his presentation skills and the stories about life that he loves to share with people. When he’s smart he also spends his time listening to and doing what he is told to by his lovely wife Angela who he met over 20 years ago. He also has a brilliant daughter Leesa who is kicking down doors and taking names at the University of Oklahoma. Most of the time if you’d ask Patrick what he’d rather be doing his answer will likely be flying. Since he obtained his pilot’s license years ago it is the one hobby that he loves the most.

Finding Your Social Media Mojo (TM)

Are you tired of attending seminar after seminar on social media only to be left more confused after each one? Then you have not been to Social Media Mojo (TM) training from Patrick, Social Media Contributor for Fox 25 TV and KSBI TV. You are guaranteed to walk with actionable steps that you can start implementing immediately. It is hard to find one person that
makes social media so simple yet so productive. This is based on an original process developed exclusively by Patrick Allmond and Focus Consulting Inc.

Stop Doing Nothing

“Action is the great thing that escapes most people”. This original quote by Patrick summarizes his beliefs and approach towards life and business. Have Patrick talk to your group about the impact of postponed decisions. His real-world experience will be an eye-opener and move your business and your life towards making better decisions faster.

How to be a Networking Mac Daddy (or Momma)

Your personal and business network is the lifeblood of your growth. Patrick has mastered the skills needed to start, grow and nurture an amazing business network. If you are not getting a steady stream of business referrals from the people in your network then your network is not working for you the way it should. Come learn the skills you need to build the relationships that will help you survive and thrive.

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