Speaker Nicholas  Webb Business Futurist, Innovator and Healthcare Expert

Nicholas J. Webb is a world-renowned business futurist and innovation thought leader. Webb is the Author of “The Innovation Playbook” and “The Digital Innovation Playbook”. He is also a successful inventor with a wide range of patented technologies ranging from one of the world's smallest medical implants to consumer and industrial products. Webb is also the inventor of the popular Hanz® line of educational toys www.hanzinnovation.com. He has been awarded over 35 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Webb has launched hundreds of technologies in his 25-year career. He currently provides business and innovation strategy consulting to a wide range of clients, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.


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$10000 - $20000

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Business Futurist, Innovator and Healthcare Expert

The Nicholas J. Webb difference:

98% excellence rating. One of the highest in the industry

CEO background. Served as a CEO with technology companies

Comprehensive pre-event assessment process

The perfect combination of content and delivery

Published Author in all speaking topic categories

Advisor to Fortune 500 companies

Awarded over 35 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office

World-famous inventor with many successful products on the market today

Certified Management Consultant and Professional Member of the National Speakers Association

Nicholas J. Webb has addressed some of the best companies in the world

Why have some of the top organizations in the world hired Nicholas J. Webb to keynote their events?

Needless to say, your audience is demanding an entertaining and powerful speaker. However, in the current economy
there is a new requirement, the speaker must have the professional pedigree and leave the audience with action items
that they can apply immediately. Travel and education budgets are tight and your audience is demanding a return on their
investment. Nicholas J. Webb is one of the few speakers that provide unlimited free pre-event consultations. Webb
provides this resource in order to develop a powerful and entertaining talk. His customized presentations always address
the unique and special needs of each and every audience.

The Future and what to do about it

In this powerful keynote presentation, Nicholas explains how everything is free in the new “Post Authoritative Economy” and how consumer digitizers and 3-D printer appliances will make it possible for consumers to print products for pennies on the dollar. How the hacker community is hacking every industry and how you can benefit from this powerful trend. How hyper–consumerization will drive new levels of competition. How you will leverage Netnography to gain improved consumer insights to drive world-class innovations. How to develop integrated future planning that makes your organization relevant in the years to come.

The Future of Healthcare: Detailed look into the future of healthcare in America

Over the next 36 months there will be massive changes across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Everyone will be affected, but most organizations are unclear what to do about these changes. In this powerful presentation, Nicholas lays out the trajectory of change and how organizations can plan to manage the future risks and how to leverage the opportunities.

Success Strategies: How innovation is driving the best organizations in the world

Everyone is talking about innovation and for a good reason. Studies show that innovation methods can increase return on strategic initiatives by as much as 70%. The problem is most organizations don’t understand the big picture of innovation and how they can apply it to grow and prosper in a disruptive marketplace. This powerful keynote leaves the audience with actionable takeaways that they can apply in their business immediately.

Beyond Customer Service: The power of customer experienced engineering

In a digitally connected world, consumers demand exceptional experiences. When they don’t get it, they talk about it in their social networks. Consumers are checking you out online, in fact, in some industries 70% of customers will check your reputation out online before purchasing. What does this mean to you? You must develop exceptional experiences throughout the entire customer journey and build an impeccable reputation in the digital sandbox. In this powerful keynote, you’ll
learn about the power of customer experience engineering.

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