Speaker Nathan   Jamail  Expert and Author on Leadership, Selling Skills, and Building Winning Teams

For more than two decades Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, or training others on how to do so. Previously Nathan set record results in sales by producing top performing sales teams in capacities such as business sales, direct consumer sales, indirect sales, distribution and marketing for several Fortune 100 companies. Also named a top Executive Sales Director for a Fortune 500 company where he received numerous National Sales Excellence awards and was named Executive Coach Leader.


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Expert and Author on Leadership, Selling Skills, and Building Winning Teams

Currently as President of Jamail Development Group, and owner of several small businesses, Nathan trains, coaches, and mentors sales professionals in many industries. Nathan is also the author of The Playbook Series, starting with a number one business-selling book, “The Sales Leaders Playbook”, a book that teaches the important principals of building a successful sales team, as well as , “The Sales Professionals Playbook” and “The Sales Leaders Gameplan”. Books are available at your local Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers. Nathan’s passion, energy and leadership have become the center of his success, and for those around him. He is known as an invincible sales leader, with the ability to take the lowest producing areas of the country and build exemplary sales teams. His coaching and programs implement strong positive belief systems and creates winning environments within organizations cultivating the highest levels of success. Nathan has been featured and interviewed by Fox Television and various other publications regarding his leadership style and the success that he has created.

As a practitioner and coach of sales and leadership Nathan understands that a professional sales person or leader cannot be successful on a positive mental attitude alone. He teaches and more importantly believes that it takes a great balance of attitude, belief, skill, coaching and practice to maximize one’s skills and attributes for success. With his first hand experience, clients and organizations are able to identify challenges, maximize employee strengths and increase productivity. His coaching and training programs have helped organizations increase their productivity up to and over 300%.

Often people attend trainings, meetings and motivational speaking engagements, but most of the time the message is lost because it did not connect, or did not provide true value. That is why more businesses are hiring Nathan Jamail as their motivational speaker and coach- his message connects, energizes and moves people to a new level of thinking, action and success.

Influential Selling- Becoming a Professionals Salesperson
“Everyone likes to buy things, but no one likes to be sold.” That is the principal of influential selling. If you or your organization is struggling to meet the desired benchmarks of success in sales, you have found the right program!

Creating a Winning Culture
The culture is the nucleus of an organization. If the culture is not right, the results will show it. Nathan will teach individuals how to create a winning culture through attitude, morale, accountability and owning the business.

Leadership; Building Winning Teams
Successful leadership does not come from simply reading and knowing what a great leader says and does. In fact, most leaders know what it takes to be a great leader, but simply cannot find the time, or know how to prioritize their time, to make it a way of life. Successful leadership can only be acquired from doing it and sustaining it.

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