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Mike Robertson is an award-winning speaker, writer, musician and storyteller with fresh, original presentations which elicit laughter, tears, and applause. He communicates effectively with audiences of any size, while speaking in a warm, friendly, conversational tone which attracts — and holds — the audience's attention.


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Humor with a hook • inspiration without corn

There’s nothing better than a great story told by a great storyteller. I won my first awards for speaking while I was in high school, going to the Texas state finals in Persuasive Speaking. I now have over a thousand hours of speaking experience and I’ve learned how to hold an audience’s interest whether I’m being amusing, instructive, inspiring or challenging. Nothing gives me more pleasure than speaking to a group and making them laugh, sometimes cry, and always think. Book me to speak to your group and I can promise a custom-tailored presentation which they’ll remember long after the meeting is over.

I’ve also written two books. The first, Shiny Spots In The Rust, is a collection of short inspirational essays with a humorous bent. My second book is a novel, This Is Where I Came In, about the birth of the motion pictures.

1-2X = Wonderful: How I lost 75 pounds and found the person hiding inside
Change is not as hard as you think. In this speech, I share how creative thinking is the key to new careers, new relationships…even a new body. I’ll tell you how (and WHY) I no longer have X’s on the labels of my clothes…and the surprising things I learned on the journey.

We Never Did It That Way Before: Creativity for Church Staffs ONLY
Churches often fail to encourage creativity among their staff, preferring the same old techniques time after time. Years of experience in churches have given me unique insight and ideas for curriculum, promotion, and doing amazing projects on a tight—or nonexistent—budget.

No Power = No Point: Why Your Slides Suck & How to Make Them Soar
Ever gotten applause because one of your slides was so amazing? I have…lots of times. I can show you tips, tricks and tools to change your boring graphics into works of art.

The Creature in the Next Cubicle: Dealing with the Monsters You Work With
This entertaining presentation identifies the common types of “monsters” who inhabit every workplace. You have to do more than tolerate them; you have to collaborate with them. You’ll gain greater understanding and tips for surviving the terrors of your coworkers.

Fired…or Fired Up? Becoming the Best Employee They Ever Had
Cream rises to the top…but so do dead fish. Which are you? You can become the kind of employee who gets noticed, commended, promoted, and rewarded. I’ll show you the changes you need to make and the steps you need to take.

“Make Your Life a Masterpiece”
Ever thought of your life as a work of art? In this inspiring and challenging keynote speech, Mike encourages listeners to stop being spectators at their own lives and to begin creating something beautiful. Using examples from his own life, Mike illustrates some ways in which taking the “road less traveled” has enriched him personally, such as his one-of-a-kind marriage proposal and how he doubled his salary by thinking creatively. Audiences will be excited by the possibilities they can now see in their own lives. Forget “motivational” speaking: this is life-changing speech.

“The Little Things Aren’t Little”
In a hectic, fast-paced work, people often forget to stop to focus on the small things in life. In this engrossing speech, Mike shows how a life can be changed by something as “trivial” as a PEZ dispenser. Your world will change when you stop concentrating on the big things and begin to appreciate the small things.

“Failing Upward”
In this speech, Mike examines some notable and hilarious failures and then shows how failure can be turned into formative and valuable steps toward success. This is a great speech for tough economic times and for anyone who has struggled to find the right niche in life.

“When Monsters Attack”
Beginning with a fond look back at some of the famous movie monsters from our childhoods, Mike relates each one to a present-day monster we are much more likely to encounter. Do you work with a vampire, someone who sucks the life out of every project? An invisible man who never seems to be around when needed? A phantom who lets scars from the past rob him of his present joy? Everyone will relate to at least one of these, while being brought face-to-face with the monster inside of you.

“Good Vibrations”
Who doesn’t like the Beach Boys? Most people, however, are unaware of the fascinating and heartbreaking history behind “America’s Band,” and the lessons which each of us can learn from their story. Filled with great music clips and amazing facts, this speech will please any audience and leave them thinking for days about what they’ve learned.

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