Speaker Mike  Marsteller Connecting With & Empowering Today's Youth

Mike Marsteller is President of HCM Foundation and has a BS in Exercise Science. He's a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and a 4 time Ironman triathlon finisher. Mike quickly learned to overcome adversity in life by taking hardships and turning them into motivational opportunities. His greatest motivation for life comes from building connections that inspire the communities around him.


  • Overcome Adversity
  • Goal Setting
  • Inspirational
  • Leadership
  • Motivational


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Connecting With & Empowering Today's Youth

In 2009 he founded the HCM Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps families who are impacted by cancer to pay their household bills, prescription copayments, transportation, and medical treatments. In just three years the foundation raised over $150,000 and helped close to 70 families.

As a civic innovator he has a gift for creating community solutions that reach out to people, helping them right where they live.

Mike’s drive, determination, and dedication to helping others along with his ability to share personal stories in a way that positively impacts others, makes him an ideal speaker for your next event.

Awaken Your Inner Hero

Be YOUR best self, not everyone else’s average

Everyone is capable of being average because average is easy; especially when we face obstacles and adversity. Mike plugs into his audience and shows them how to avoid getting lost in the status quo. Learn how to recognize and utilize the incredible power you have to resonate your influence in multiple contexts. Take action on the ability you have to change the world, and create your own unique brand of success!

The Leader In Me

How to leverage your natural abilities to drive change

Finding a leading role in this world is one of the greatest challenges for students. Mike engages his audience and shows them how easy it can be for them to find their way and participate in the activity of leading through day to day interactions. When you act on “The Leader In Me,” you create a new perspective; one that will ultimately have the greatest impact on how you lead and maximize your potential.

Redefine Your Possible

The art of goal achievement

Inspire positive change! Find your hidden courage! And expand your view of what is possible. Mike connects with his student audience in this goal inspiring presentation. He communicates specific strategies for perseverance, resiliency, positive thinking skills and embracing the ability to turn your biggest obstacles into opportunity.

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