Speaker Mike  Avola 90 Days to Marketing Success - “Market Dominance Begins with a Superior System”

Mike specializes in training small and mico businesses on new marketing and sales concepts! Typically this is a process of incorporating digital on-line marketing along with social media networking tools with on-going traditional marketing efforts. Today, it is not enough to just know the new marketing concepts, it is imperative to apply this understanding. 90 Days Marketing goes beyond training to performance coaching - focusing on what people need to learn (training) and to what must be done on the job (performance). 90 Days Marketing has developed a systematic approach to analyzing, improving and managing marketing performance. It is important to understand that performance and business growth is a function of a system and not just one element.


  • Consulting
  • Marketing
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$2500 - $5000

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90 Days to Marketing Success - “Market Dominance Begins with a Superior System”

Mike started his career as a high school business teacher and to this day still considers himself a teacher! Originally from Boston, he decided after teaching for over ten years, to open his own business. In fact, over the last twenty years Mike has owned and operated three different but very successful business operations. His last business attracted the attention of a major retail firm who eventually bought the business. In 2003 this firm contracted with Mike for him to train and teach all of their managers in Florida on his marketing and sales systems.

1) Social media and the new marketing rules

2) How to use social media tools in dentistry

3) Seven steps that every marketing plan should include

4) Marketing to increase school enrollment

5) Developing the marketing team

6) Leadership at every level

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