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Mea works with organizations to develop individual success habits that increase productivity and profit. Clients describe Mea's approach as energetic, unique, humorous and insightful. She inspires companies, conference attendees and women's groups to learn new ways of thinking, behaving and collaborating with simple tools that have an immediate impact to create change. .” Mea is a Certified Executive and Life Coach as well as a Time Management expert.


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Motivational Speaker Mea Austin

She is recognized nationally as an authority on variety of leadership and motivational topics including Work/Life Balance, The Power of Happiness, Increasing Self- Esteem, Adapting to Change and Generational Differences. Her experience spans a variety of fields including executive leadership, health care, human resources and entrepreneurship. Attendees describe their experience with Mea as “entertaining, high energy, meaningful and a “breath of fresh air.

Creative Leadership

Learn simple, empowering tools to become a more effective and resourceful leader. Participants will understand the most common types of leaders and which styles help team members thrive. Learn to adapt your leadership habits to motivate and inspire diverse individuals. Creative leadership goes beyond performance and productivity. A creative leader can: approach each team member in a unique way,inspire each individual and the team as a whole, cultivate an environment of happiness, reduces stress and burnout and create fierce loyalty. Do more than lead, create an atmosphere where people thrive.

How Self Esteem Affects The Workplace – Mistakes Were Made, But Not by Me

Self-esteem is rarely discussed in corporate settings, yet it drives both how we react to our colleagues and how we perform in a group. Poor self-esteem leads to fear of new responsibilities, defensiveness, overly compliant or rebellious behavior. Receive gentle coaching to help you stop justifying mistakes and embrace reality. This seminar delivers concrete tools that increase self-esteem and create an emotionally sound, productive and collaborative team.

From Boomers to Gen X, Y and Z – Winning the Generation Game

Our workplaces today are comprised of four (soon to be five,) different generations. Investigate how work is done differently by each generation and what unique skills they bring to our work force. Embrace the variety of generational work styles in your organization and learn to clearly communicate based on generational preferences. New information about Generation “Z” and a touch of humor make this topic engaging and relevant. Inspire and empower your organization with tangible tools that use generational differences to create a stronger, more adaptive team.

Time Management and Work/Life Balance – Overworked, Overwhelmed and Overloaded

Emails, project deadlines, grocery shopping, dance lessons, soccer practice, crammed closets, taxes, bills and lists of things you “should” do or “need” to do. Does it feel like you are on a roller coaster you can’t get off? You can’t “manage” time: you can’t take a few hours from the morning and put them in the evening. You CAN manage all the “stuff” in your life that leaves you feeling frazzled. This simple yet comprehensive approach to “time management” will help you get things done, professionally and personally. Participants leave this program feeling energized, less stressed and immediately become more productive.

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