Speaker Larry  Mersereau Business Growth: Simple, Doable…Effective

Smart business owners, marketers and sales professionals know who to turn to for the ideas and insights they need to grow their sales and profits; Larry Mersereau, CTC. Niched as a business growth revivalist, he is the author of four books on the topic and a professional speaker who addresses dozens of audiences, in a broad range of industries every year. He's the only keynote speaker who shares the simple, doable… effective growth strategies and tactics that made his books so popular and have helped so many businesses and individuals succeed.


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Kansas City

Business Growth: Simple, Doable…Effective

A professional speaker since 1993, Larry has addressed over 1,000 audiences throughout the western hemisphere, both in motivational keynote settings and in breakout, workshop and training program situations. From corporate meeting audiences to association conventions, he has worked with audiences in a broad range of industries, always with the same mission: to get business growing. And the mission has never been more important than it is right now.

STAND OUT! [keynote or breakout] Based on Larry’s latest book by the same title. Differentiate or disappear. Help your audience stand out from the crowd of competing options with clear branding, positioning and differentiation strategies and tactics.

Selling from a Position of POWER [keynote or breakout] The sales audience’s version of STAND OUT! Learn the five traits of a sales superstar, plus Larry’s sale triangle – a simple outline to help prepare for any sales situation.

The Moment of Truth [keynote or breakout] The sales program for retail audiences. What happens when they show up at your door? Too many prospects spend your associates time, then walk out empty handed. This program will help you go through more shopping bags!

How to get Maximum Return from your Marketing Dollars [keynote or breakout] Based on the book that launched Larry’s speaking career: Shoestring Marketing, this is about targeting, media selection and execution. From finding prospects to writing copy, this can cover a broad range of marketing and promotion issues.

Stand Out…or Step Aside [keynote or breakout] Applies the positioning, branding and differentiation strategies in STAND OUT! to helping the individual establish their own personal brand, expand their field of influence, and grow their business or career.

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