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Kelly Marianno is a talented and creative speaker and teacher. He challenges entrepreneurs, small business owners and others to develop their definition of success then take steps towards reaching that success. Mr. Marianno does this by developing the individual(s) involved, because he believes that they are the source of their success.


  • Goals/Vision
  • Accountability
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Success


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Impakt Your Legacy

For the entrepreneur he also focuses on what is most important in business; meeting the top of mind needs of clients and understanding who your clients really are. Kelly understands these concepts and presents them to audiences of all types empowering them to surpass the levels of success they truly desire.

Kelly presents in a way that really connects with his audience. He not only makes them feel that they can do what is in their hearts and minds to do but he gives them the tools to take steps towards that result.

His style is one that leaves no one behind as he incorporates real world examples, stories and humor to assist in the audience’s understanding and retaining the information shared with them.

One of the things that allow Kelly to be so knowledgeable in the area of success and more importantly how to take steps towards it is his work experience in the automotive, banking, personal finance, investment, healthcare, and real estate industries.

Through these employment opportunities, he was able to get to know those who have done very well and those who have not done so well and was able to get an understanding of what separates the two types of persons.

He has also spent extensive time studying these factors as well. These things also help him to understand how someone can get stuck in the middle. As a matter of fact, his passion to help others become successful or more successful lead him to start an organization and now company called I.M.P.A.K.T.

IMPAKT, which stands for Innovative, Motivated, People, Applying, Knowledge Today, was established by Mr. Marianno in 2009 to address the needs of the entrepreneur and small business owner. Through IMPAKT, Kelly has aided accomplished and aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life. He believes that no dream is too big, the dreamer may simply need to grow into the person who will fulfill the dream.

Kelly Marianno is a native of Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in South Jersey. He has one adult daughter, Latrice, who is also an entrepreneur. He is a current member of Toastmasters International. Kelly has spoken in the Philadelphia School District, Peirce College, local churches, as well as held his own I.M.P.A.K.T. seminars/workshops around the Philadelphia area. He is also a published author.

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