Speaker Karen  McCullough Social Media Enthusiast, A Branding Expert and A Multi-Generational Energizer ~

Karen McCullough opens conferences, meetings and minds. Clients call her, "A Shot of Energy!" And she generates the most fun you'll ever have while learning. You will be entertained, inspired and prepared for the future. Karen believes that the biggest challenge for us today is dealing with the speed of change. The combination of new technologies, economic challenges, diverse work-styles, high expectations, and employee attitudes are changing the landscape in business and the world. Karen's programs help audiences embrace change, thrive on it and meet the demands of today's work and world. Karen's expertise and energy comes from her varied background as an educator, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and retail CEO. She has worked with some of the world's top companies, universities and organizations.


  • Branding
  • Change
  • Generation Issues
  • Leadership


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Social Media Enthusiast, A Branding Expert and A Multi-Generational Energizer ~

Before becoming a business keynote speaker and consultant, Karen spent many years in fashion retail. As the owner and CEO of a 4-store retail chain, Karen received 20+ years experience in marketing, brand building (personal and business), driving sales, leadership development, building customer loyalty and managing a diverse team. Over the past 10 years Karen has worked with the top organizations presenting customized programs centered around change, personal branding, customer service, emerging leadership development, sales, teambuilding, productivity and generational management.

Some of Karen’s clients include: Procter & Gamble, JPMorgan Chase, Symantec, Sun America, Helms Briscoe, McGraw-Hill, National Homebuilders, Shell Oil, Exxon, The World Bank, The U.S. Department of Justice, Alabama Tourism, State Farm, Humana, HP, Oracle, United Way, American Heart Association and MD Anderson.

Karen McCullough knows people, she knows trends and she knows how things work. Through her study of human behavior, relationships, trends (social media), and technology Karen has tapped into an innovative model that opens people’s minds to change. Karen teaches you the essential skills needed to manage and motivate your employees and yourself. Her approach is practical, her message is relevant and she provides you the tools necessary to improve and succeed.

Karen tackles all these topics creatively with fun, videos, humor, and a little pop culture. She customizes each program to fit your needs.You can pick one or we can do a combination of several.

Change is Good – You Go First: Embracing Change in a Fast Paced World

One of the biggest challenges facing individuals and organizations today is dealing with the fast pace of change. In this program Karen teaches you how to develop a “change mindset” to access new hope, new skills, and a new way of thinking.

New technologies, a new global economy, and new environments are forcing organizations to change the way they do business and many people are not happy. Although we are encouraged to embrace change, many of us resist and this resistance slows down progress and ultimately prevents growth. Implementing change today requires leaders to be great influencers, obtain buy-in, show compassion, and build trust as they overcome objections. Leaders must have a change mindset and be able to help others develop a change mindset, too.

In this program, Karen will debunk several myths about how to motivate change and share the missing link to changing behavior. You will receive the framework to successfully change yourself, your team, and your organization. Whether your natural instinct is to embrace change or to run from it, this program is for you!

It is time to make changes that are positive, attainable, and absolutely vital.


•Explore the five drivers of change

•Develop a 2020 change mindset

•Discover insight into your own resistance with tools to help you adapt more quickly to change

•Make change work by putting communication into action and by building better relationships

•Gain a better understanding of how each generation views work and adapt your managerial style

Generations TODAY: New Rules, New Tools

There is a workplace shift taking place that is stimulating new ways of thinking, communicating, and doing business. Today many corporations, business owners, and managers are dealing with generational challenges and they need help navigating these new waters. In this innovative, entertaining, and interactive session you will gain insight and knowledge on how to get along as you build effective, harmonious, productive multi-generational teams.

The days of “one size fits all” and “treat everyone the same” are gone as we are learning to accept the needs and desires of the individual. As more and more Gen Y enters the workplace, they are influencing and even changing corporate cultures – including the way we do business and conduct meetings across the world. Managers need tools to help them create an environment of generational harmony, productivity, creativity, innovation, as well as enabling knowledge transfer.


•Discover how each generation defines workplace issues such as loyalty, teamwork, sacrifice, and time management

•Gain the tools necessary to manage a new generation of employees

•Embrace the opportunities each generation brings to the table

•Laugh and let go…

The Power of Your Brand: Sales Marketing Strategies for Your Business

One used to be able to get by with a good resume and a great reputation, but in this fast paced techno-savvy world, it takes a little bit more. Today the spotlight is on the individual and personal branding – the #1 career and business strategy tool that can help put you in the spotlight.

Karen shows you real opportunities on how to use your brand to create more value and build more trust. Learn how to position yourself as “the authority” and leap miles ahead of your competition.

Strategic personal branding can advance your career, leadership development, and compensation opportunities. Experience Karen’s Four-Step Personal Branding Process to learn how you can find and foster your own brand identity. You will learn the key elements to develop your brand, and learn strategies and tools to manage your brand.


•Experience Karen’s Four-Step Personal Branding Process

•Position your brand effectively online for maximum exposure

•Add more trust, quality, and interest from your prospects

•Develop a consistent image both online and off that supports your brand

Stand By Your Brand: Putting the WOW in Customer Service by Living the Brand

When your employees know how to live your brand ….you get WOW customer service. Your brand is the core of your company, the heart of your business, the soul of your culture, and the foundation for WOW customer service.

If your employees are not clear on your brand message, they have no idea how to live it.

Karen will show you what it means to live your brand as you explore why your brand is worth living. In this keynote or half-day customer service workshop, Karen helps articulate your brand message to your team, shows behaviors and language that maximize the customer experience, and raises morale and employee engagement.

A business with a healthy brand experience is one where every employee understands the brand, its message, and their role in promoting that brand. The secret to getting employees to live your brand is to equip them with the proper tools to make decisions and act in accordance with your brand values.

Empower your team and create brand champions. Rediscover what makes your business one in a million.


•Obtain a basic understanding and enthusiasm about brands

•Discover ways to communicate your brand to your employees

•Define the brand language and behaviors

•Use the power of your brand to keep employees motivated

•Implement programs and activities that reinforce your brand

The Power of Your Story: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Move over Brothers Grimm, storytelling is not just for kids anymore. Your story is a powerful tool that can help you advance your career, step into your leadership potential, and build a meaningful professional brand. Karen’s program gives you the tools and creative ideas to make your story “sticky.” Sticky stories are remembered and retold time and again. Get ready to make your story sticky and hold the listener’s attention.

We each have a story inside us waiting to be told. Powerful stories do more than entertain – they establish rapport, develop teams, make the sale, attract talent, relieve stress, build trust, manage expectations and so on… Ultimately, we are remembered by our stories, but no one will tell your story if you don’t first tell it yourself.


•Tap into your core values and uniqueness

•Communicate your message

•Get it down – “right and tight”

•Be interesting and engaging

•Stand out from the crowd

•Do more business, increase sales, get noticed, earn a promotion

A Shot of Energy: Employee Engagement. Strategies to Re-energize You and Your Workplace (can include Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Stress, Morale)

Karen is on a mission to re-energize the workforce!

Do you ever feel there are just not enough hours in the day? No matter how hard you work you never seem to get it all done? If so, you are not alone. A recent study reports that nearly 75% of American workers state that no matter how hard they work, they feel as if they are not moving forward.

We all need a Shot of Energy… and Karen McCullough is here to help! She has been dubbed “a shot of energy” and she walks her talk! Karen shares her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase productivity. Learn how to re-charge your battery and energize others. Audiences will leave smiling, with an optimistic mindset – energized and productive.


•Learn to deal with difficult people, situations, and bad days

•Understand the difference between “Lack of Energy” vs. “Stressed Out”

•Resolve conflict

•Manage expectations

•Adopt rituals you can put into action today to reduce stress

Listen Up: Active Listening Including Cross-Generational Communications

Active listening is one of the top skill sets required in nine out of the ten most in-demand jobs in the U.S. Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting are teachable skills that must be taught!

In this highly interactive, high energy, and fun program Karen takes what could be a boring topic and makes it come to life. She teaches the skills of active listening, gives you tools to build better rapport, gain understanding, and build trust.

Many times the best solutions come from a collection of ideas from many individuals, requiring the skill of listening. This session will give participants simple tools and behaviors to help them gather information effectively and enhance their cross-generational communication.


•See the value of engaged listening (the buy-in)

•Use the listening tool kit presented by presenter

•Suspend judgments

•Gain awareness of non-verbal and voice tone cues

•Promote cooperation and reduce conflict

•Have fun – lots of interaction, networking and relationship building

The Seven Women Project: Redefining Leadership and Success for Women

The Seven Women Project proclaims that inside every woman lives seven different women, each with abundant strength, talent, passion, spirit, knowledge, female ingenuity, and fashion sense. With this creative twist to find and celebrate your authentic self, Seven Women reshapes how we calculate success, think about happiness, and define what it means to be a woman today.

The tide is turning! Leadership skills that come naturally to women are now vital for companies and organizations to thrive. The Seven Women Project helps you tap into your natural strengths and talents to achieve success and find happiness.


•Tap into the unique talents of women

•Stay healthy in body, mind and spirit

•Discover the benefits of collaboration

•Receive tools you can use

•Build a support network

Most Requested Keynotes:

1) Change Is Good…You Go First

Business as usual is over. Our pressures are constant and
there is no room for down time, waste or inefficiency. This
program sets the course to find and execute a strong vision in
a high-change environment and gives you the tools to use in
becoming the change agent at your work, business or at home.

2) A New Look at the Generations, Generation Y – Influencing the Workplace

Over 50% of the world population is under the age of 30!
Gen-Y is revolutionizing your workplace creating their own
culture…and demands. Learning how to create
multigenerational teams is critical for success, productivity and

3) Customer Service with the WOW Factor, Love Your Brand – Live Your Brand

The greatest taglines, logos, and marketing campaigns won’t
help you win and keep your customers if your employees and
teams don’t understand and support the company’s core values
and brand promises. This program helps you align with your
brand by exploring your unique culture.

4) Supercharge Your Productivity – Get a Shot of Energy!

Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the
day? No matter how hard you work you never seem to get it all
done. If so, you are not alone. Supercharge Your Productivity
focuses on finding the best ways to make the most of your

5) Socialtunities: Leveraging Social Media for Business and Career Opportunities

A Boomer (Karen McCullough) and a Gen Y (Crystal
Washington) team up to offer you a clear, fluff-free, program
filled with impactful strategies and time-saving tips that will
raise your visibility as an employee or business owner. This
program teaches the nuts and bolts of Social Media.

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