Speaker Julie  Hansen Julie Hansen - Dramatically Increase Sales with Acting Skills

Julie Hansen is the author of ACT Like a Sales Pro, a “Top Sales & Marketing Book of 2011,” and an internationally recognized expert on the use of acting and improv skills to engage, motivate and sell to today's busy prospects. Entrepreneur Magazine calls Julie's approach, based on her experience as a top sales producer and professional actor, “unique and fresh.” Julie's articles have appeared across the globe and she has been featured on the cover of Ken Blanchard “One Minute Manager's” Sales and Service Excellence Magazine.


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Julie Hansen - Dramatically Increase Sales with Acting Skills

Julie Hansen is the founder of Acting for Sales and the author of ACT Like a Sales Pro! Dramatically Increase Sales with Proven Acting Techniques, named a “Top Sales & Marketing Book of 2011.” An award-winning salesperson and the former director of sales for the National Enquirer and Star Magazine, Julie is also a professionally trained actor. Her credits include the New York stage, numerous national commercials and television shows (including HBO’s Sex and the City.) She has been featured on NBC and her articles have appeared in many business publications, including Sales and Service Excellence, Selling Power, local business journals and Entrepreneur Magazine, South Africa. Julie resides in Denver and teaches acting at The University of Denver.

1) Curtains Up:Memorable and Persuasive Presentations:

Face it: most sales presentations are dull, informational and unmemorable. Yet
we may remember a great acting performance for months or years. There is
much to learn from actors about engaging an audience!

2) Seven Seconds to a First Impression:

Professional casting directors are experts at quickly spotting talent. If your
prospect sees a fair number of salespeople, he or she is an expert at spotting
sales talent. How do you “wow” them and convince them you’re right for their
business…fast?? In this eye-opening program, gain insider secrets from
professional casting directors on how to create a memorable first impression and
sell yourself…fast!

3) Using Drama to Engage Prospects:

No one would sit through a movie where the stakes aren’t high. Yet many
business people waste a brilliant presentation on a prospect that is not
emotionally invested in the outcome. Unless the prospect sees the decision as
important and urgent, you’re playing to an empty house. The elements of drama
are highly effective in establishing “authentic urgency” and leading the prospect
from Why to Buy.

4) Selling in a Changing Economy with Improv Techniques:

With the rules of the sales game changing daily there’s never been a better time
to acquire skills to be on your toes, ready to react spontaneously and skillfully to
the unexpected. Improv offers a proven set of rules that help salespeople take a
curveball and turn it into a homerun!

5) Mastering the 7 Roles of a Sales Pro:

There are seven basic roles salespeople play with any given client, from coldcaller
to closer. If you aren’t maximizing your ability to play each of these roles,
you are not selling up to your potential. Learn the performer’s secrets for taking
on a role and giving a star-turn performance.

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