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Judi was a fitness coach before fitness coaches were in vogue. From a tiny office in a tiny health club, she helped clients make small, positive changes that produced BIG results. People shared their successes, not only with friends but with their employers, and in no time she found herself coaching groups.


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Health and Fitness

Today her messages reach viewers from across the country through her video library of over 65 different topics.

Judi wrote her first book in 1998 entitled Simple Steps to Fitness Success. It’s now an eBook and includes twenty video links, bringing the message alive. Understanding the power of storytelling, her second book is a unique approach to stress management. Dear Mom is a tale told through a young woman’s letters to her mother, sharing the lessons she’s learning in a local stress management class. Janet’s life is typical–busy, sometimes stressful, with limited time for self-care. But slowly she begins to incorporate the practical principles into her days, and calm overcomes chaos. Filled with humor, a bit o’ drama, and keen insights.

Personal Motivation
Audience: Corporate sales meetings, Executive Retreats, women’s conferences, spousal break-out sessions

Systems for Success
Instead of counting calories or denying yourself your favorite foods, many weight management experts suggest a more effective strategy is creating healthy systems. In his book, The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Dr. Phil refers to it as programming: “Programming involves making small, deliberate modifications in the way you live your life, and it has everything to do with developing a lifestyle that creates healthier behavior.”

This class provides multiple systems that will set you up for success. One simple habit at a time you’ll move toward a healthier you.

Becoming a Better Fat Burner

Frustrated with those extra pounds? Tried every diet and they just don’t disappear?

Let Judi Ulrey share with you 10 easy strategies for becoming a “fat burning machine,” and feeling more energetic too. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is when you take one small step at a time. Participants will learn:

Fuel Early and Often
Moderate Movement Matters
Muscles are Your Engine
Dodge the Fat and Dodge the Fat
Late Night is for Jay Leno
The Magic of Water

Most people think losing weight is an all-or-nothing, difficult ordeal. Try just one or two of Judi’s tips and watch how your body begins to change.

How to Eat Well in a Fast Food World

Is your diet deplorable? Would you like to have more energy and lose a few fat pounds? “You are what you eat” they say. So learn how you can easily alter your food choices to positively impact how you feel and how you look. No matter where you find yourself, learn to make the most healthy food choices possible. Session highlights include:

Never say Diet
“Breakfast is your most important meal…”
Eat Top Heavy
Carbs are Your Friend, but Pass on the Pasta
Beware of the Sugar Monster
Fat’s NOT Where It’s At
Preposterous Portions
Dining Out without Doing Yourself In
Best Fast Foods

Office Fitness

You have all good intentions of going to the gym after work but…. No worries! Exercise at your desk! Judi will give you fun and easy-to-follow exercise tips that can be easily incorporated into mini-breaks during your busy days. NOTE: Client may want to buy exercise bands for all.

Cooking Light

Tired of the same old recipes? Lighten up! with delicious, high energy meals. This session will change the way you think about cooking – it doesn’t have to be hard! It will also change the way you think about healthy foods, as you’ll discover some delicious recipes you’ll want to prepare again and again.

Session Highlights:

Breakfast is your most important meal…
Spice it up!
Color your Cuisine: The Wonder of Fruits and Veggies
Mexican Meals made Light
Beans, beans, the magical fruit…
Great Grains
What’s a Chutney??
Anatomy of a Lunchbox
Fall in Love with the Slow Cooker

Nip Negative Nellie

What do you say about yourself? “I’m so stupid. I’m so fat. I’m so……..” Bring paper and pen to this session because it’s all about delving into your soul. We’re going to take a hard look at self-sabotage and dig out your deep-seated desires for making more healthy choices.

Corporate Wellness

Audience: Upper level management, HR/Benefits

Influencing Culture Change

Wellness programs are the buzz today but keeping employees engaged remains a conundrum. Judi Ulrey offers a stimulating presentation based on an intriguing book entitled Influencer: The Power to Change Anything. It’s a fascinating read, stuffed with stories about facilitating group behavior change. And isn’t that what we are trying to do in wellness promotion? Facilitate behavior change? Come learn about these insightful strategies and how you can successfully utilize them in your wellness promotion efforts.

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