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Joe Dwyer realized his passion for motivational speaking after delivering a ten- minute speech in his sophomore year of high school. He discovered his gifts of compassion and empathy as well as a demonstrated ability to connect with his audience. Now, with over 25 years of diverse business and personal experience, he also inspires people to find their “treasures” through his presentation series.


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The Dog’s View on Leadership

Joe realized he had a passion for motivational speaking after delivering a ten-minute speech in his sophomore year of high school. He discovered the gift of compassion and energy as well as an ability to connect with his audience. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and Coach U (a world class coach training organization). With over 25 years of business and personal experience he now inspires people to find their “treasures” through personal/business coaching. He has served as an executive for Bell Atlantic and the Archdiocese of Newark.

He is trained in martial arts and possesses a 3rd degree black belt in Karate.

Joe has always had a passion for animal rights, and is a certified dog trainer. He has rescued two dogs from shelters who live with him and his family. Most recently, he trained one of the rescued dogs, Shelby, to be a certified therapy dog, and recently published “Shelby’s Grace”, outlining the Pit Bull’s journey of love and compassion. He authored a second book in January 2011 titled, “The Dog Ate My Homework”. This book is about accountability from a dog’s view, also the brand of his presentation series. He presents “The Dog’s View” series with great enthusiasm.

In March 2011, he graduated from Emerson Theological Institute as a certified Animal Chaplain.

Joe lives in New Jersey with his wife Geralynn and two grown children, Joe and Jenna, and of course, their five canine kids, Rommel, Greta, Spartacus, Shelby, and Daniel (The Miracle Beagle).

1) A Dog’s View on Leadership

We are all leaders in different levels. Our ability to lead is tested daily at work, within our families and in our social encounters. Leading the different groups of people in our lives – effectively – is challenging, but at the same time rewarding. Countless times the powerful yet quiet leadership demonstrated by my canine friends has amazed me.
Through some of the motivational stories I write about in my book “Shelby’s Grace” and others, I provide and share my vision for living a productive life through the implementation of leadership qualities at multiple levels.

2) A Dog’s View on Bullying

The issue of bullying has seriously affected and complicated the educational system in the United States. Why does bullying happen? This question is asked many times without a clear answer. Unfortunately, the consistency with which students are bullied both inside and out of school damages their social comfort and their academic achievements. These challenges are not reserved to students only but apply also to the administrators, teachers and parents. To this day, Shelby and I are still fighting discrimination and profiling, so she could be accepted as a Pit Bull and a therapy dog. By presenting my “Dog’s View” on bullying, accompanied by illustrations, examples and stories from both my books (“Shelby’s Grace” and “The Dog Ate My Homework”), I cover in my presentation topics that include ways to create a learning environment where fear is not a factor, I share my experience of why bullying happens and ways to decrease it and, based on my experience as a Management/Labor Negotiator, I also present the most effective ways I found to mediate a misunderstanding.

3) A Dog’s View on Presence and Accountability

When accountability is practiced by all, it creates a balanced and fulfilling environment for everyone and a great sense of empowerment. Through examples from my book “The Dog Ate My Homework”, I illustrate how trust, teamwork and communication can create a balanced and productive life. I have learned to live a life of self-actualization and presence by following Shelby’s paw prints as well as my other canine companions. I will share what I’ve learned with you so you could also have an opportunity to change and enhance your life.

4) A Dog’s View on Spirituality and Faith

Many of us experience difficulties and daunting thoughts and feelings as we strive for a life of spirituality and faith. I invite you to journey with me, as I share the valuable lessons that I have learned about spirituality and faith from my canine companions. Through examples from my book “Shelby’s Grace”, I share and explain how these lessons became the foundation for a life filled with passion, peace and balance.

5) A Dog’s View on Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are serious disorders that have afflicted millions worldwide. Many, unknowingly, endure these debilitating conditions and find themselves estranged from their loved ones and struggling at work and with everyday life.I have dealt with both anxiety and depression, searching for solace in family, friends and the amazing transition of my dog Shelby. My own personal experience, as shared in my book “Shelby’s Grace”, proves the capacity of individuals to recover from the depths of depression and anxiety and the importance of having the support they need around them, even if it’s from a companion animal. My companion animal, Shelby, happened to save my life and it is my personal experience, with overcoming anxiety and depression, that I share with my audience.

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