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With a vast assortment of skills and experiences, author, speaker and Hypnotherapist, J. A. Carlton brings a unique wit and perspective to your engagement that's sure to leave a lasting impression. Currently offering several different subjects, as well as hosting private workshops including the Austin Writer's Loft, Jill is the speaker you've been waiting for. Consummate Living Program.


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$6000 - $15000

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Author, Speaker, Hypnotherapist Jill Carlton

Through Uneak Press, Inc., Miss Carlton offers her Consummate Living Program as a comprehensive package of techniques and practices designed and proven over decades of use, to help any individual improve their vocational and avocational skills, and in so doing, achieve many of their personal and professional goals. The “conversations” she offers provides attendees with a glimpse of the five main components of her program as well as an entertaining and thought provoking explanation of how all the different facets work together to provide every individual with an optimal life experience of their own choosing.

Consummate Living Program will be offering the following conversations for the prices between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00.

•The Theory of Mind

•The Mental Bank System.


•Decoding Your Relationships

•Self Hypnosis for Stress Reduction (and why it doesn’t work for major life change issues)

The Theory of Mind – Decoding your life-script: Why what you know is keeping you from moving forward with your life and what to do about it. If you’ve ever watched people around you leap into lady luck’s arms while you’re left sweeping up the dust; this conversation is for you. Learn what holds you down while others catch their dreams. Your life script was written before you were born, the good news is, it’s up to YOU to re-write it. This is where you’ll learn how.

Suggestibility and Sexuality – How to use these qualities to enrich your life and relationships: These are the behaviors that build or break relationships; now you can use them to enrich them instead. If you find yourself saying; “My lover doesn’t understand me! Why does s/he DO that when they KNOW I hate it! Why is it always the same old arguments? Why does s/he pull away when I’m trying to get close!? I don’t understand!” This conversation is for you!

The Mental Bank: This conversation centers on goal setting and paving the way for your life-script re-write to “stick” in your subconscious. By using the right combination of numbers, subconscious symbols, ideomotor self programming, and dream therapy, you’ll be able to reprogram your mind-set for greater success in any vocational or avocational endeavor you choose! You’ll also learn why building assets in your mental bank ALWAYS results in obtaining exactly what you tell yourself you want. Be careful what you ask for, you WILL get it.

Self Hypnosis: In this conversation you’ll learn how to utilize the power of your own subconscious mind to clear the path for your successes with the majority of your vocational and avocational self-improvement goals. You’ll also learn when self-hypnosis is helpful and when it’s a hindrance, and why hypnosis by a practitioner has not necessarily worked for you in the past, the odds are, it’s not what you think.

The REAL Secret to Lasting Life-Change: It’s not will-power or lack of it. In this discussion you’ll learn about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and why it works. You’ll learn why almost every “self-help system” sets you up for failure, and why we keep falling for the same old recycled methods, (it’s all in the packaging) that never delivered in the first place. This is also where we expose the “man behind the curtain” and give you the tools you need to move through the marketing mumbo jumbo and achieve your own excellence using all the tools you were born with.

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