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Jerry Anderson is a Health Speaker and Fitness Expert, Star of Jerry's Jump Start seen regularly on CNN. Jerry has been featured on CNN over fifty five times. He is the author of the “Joy of Fitness for Women”. Jerry has spoken at many Churches and Conferences across the country. Jerry brings over 29 years of experience with exercise and nutrition to his powerful Messages. Jerry uses Biblical Health Principles from the Bible to teach Pastors and Leaders, how to be healthy God's way. The way to a healthy lifestyle is clear for Mr. Anderson. It's in the Bible. Jerry's Main Topics Include: Business Leadership, Church Leadership, Corporate Leadership, Christian Speakers, Religion, Health / Nutrition, Leadership, Wellness, Fitness, Management.


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Jerry Anderson CNN Fitness Expert & Health Speaker

Jerry has spoken at A.D.A 4th Annual Pastor’s Appreciation Conference, In-Service Training Institute Pastors Conference, American Baptist Ministers Conference, Inglewood Ministers Conference, Christian Women Anchored in the Lord Conference, Staying Healthy and Living with Cancer Conference, Strike Out Stroke Conference, World Kidney Day Conference, St. John Missionary Baptist Church,Christian Tabernacle Church, Blessed Family Covenant Church, Beulahland Baptist Church, Greater Emmanuel Temple, Alondra Church on God, Harvest Christian Center, True Vine Baptist Church, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Holman United Method Church, West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

I was doing a regular segment on CNN called Jerry’s Jump Start that aired every Saturday morning; and I was speaking for the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, at Conferences, at Companies, doing radio shows and personal Training. Then something strange happened to me I lost my voice, I couldn’t talk, I had to email my Executive Producer at CNN to let her know that I had lost my voice I couldn’t go on the air.

I had to cancel all my speaking engagements, radio shows and personal training. When I went to the doctor and had my throat examined the doctor said my vocal cords were swollen, and he recommended that I shouldn’t talk for the next eight weeks and he put me on some inflammation medication. My weekly segment on CNN, my radio interviews, speaking engagements and personal training were all gone that quickly. I called out to God, Lord what is going on? Why is this happening to me? Talking about health and fitness is what I love to do.

I couldn’t speak for four months. And one early morning I was praying and the Lord spoke to me, Jerry you have been doing
everything for you, now it’s time to do something for me. The next morning the Lord gave me a title for a new message, “How I Made It Simple to Take Care of Your Temple”. I spent the next sixteen months researching and preparing this message. I read through the Bible three or four times searching for Biblical Health principles and stories on how God wants us to take care of our bodies. By the end of the sixteen months I had over One Hundred Biblical Health Principles on How God Made It Simple to Take Care of Your Temple.

I remember talking to Rev. Pastor Dr. Michael C. Brown of St. John Baptist Church and he asked me Jerry, how is your message coming along, I told him the message is doing great it’s about 1000 pages, he said what is your message going to be a one week series. I realized at that moment I needed to narrow the message down to under 30 minutes. I narrowed it down to 30 minutes of Power packed Biblical Health Principles and it was ready to be shared.

The first time I shared the “Seven Ways God Made It Simple to Take Care of Your Temple” was when Dr. Joyce Richey invited me to speak at Pasadena A.M.E. Church Diabetes Meeting. After she heard the message she invited me to speak at the American Diabetes Association Pastor’s appreciation Conference. After the Pastors heard the message they started scheduling me to speak at their churches right on the spot. The next day I partnered with a group of doctors from UCLA Medical Center and I spoke at all their events. I was speaking at numerous events for the: American Cancer Society ,American Diabetes Association, Employee Meetings, Churches, Health Conferences, Health Fairs, Pastors Conferences and Meetings. I has been speaking since 1989 and have delivered hundreds of presentations in the past on health and fitness but I had never seen a message move an audience like this one, it really inspired the audience to take action to improve their health and fitness.

I was talking to Carla Greenwood after one of my speaking engagements and she told me, Jerry I heard you speak three times and finally I decided to follow the “Seven Ways God Made It Simple to Take Care of Your Temple” she said in one year, she lost 105 pounds and her friend Olivia Sol√≥rzano loss 62 pounds.

The amazing thing about this experience is, I have my voice back and its stronger now than it was before. And now I’m using my Health and Fitness Expertise to speak at Pastors Conferences, Leadership Conferences and Churches.

My Mission is to Improve the Health of Pastors, Leaders and Believers!

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