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The notes in a chord of music, are one and the same as the members of your team. We're going to brainstorm on how to make your teams more successful and happier, and then we're going to write a song together about this crucial topic. We'll collaborate on this song just like they do in Nashville or as they once did in Tin Pan Alley. I hope we can speak soon. Wishing you harmony. Jeff


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Jeff Jacob - Team Building Facilitator

Once a crisis counselor for troubled teens, Jeff moved into the world
of Marketing, Corporate Team Building and Event Management. As a
Marketing Specialist, his experience includes nearly a decade as the
Marketing Manager overseeing the Southeast region for Borders Books
and Music. During this period of time he had the privilege of working
with many notable personalities in the entertainment industry
including Gene Simmons of KISS, Bryan Adams, David Sedaris, Anderson
Cooper, Harry Connick, Jr., and Loretta Lynn to name just a few.

As the Director of Marketing and Education for best-selling author and
speaker Robin Crow, Jeff plays a crucial role in all aspects of
promotion, media outreach and marketing for this former RCA Recording
Artist turned successful CEO and Entrepreneur. In a time of vastly
deteriorating book-sales, Jeff is proud that Robin’s new book “Evolve
or Die,” reached #5 on the USA TODAY Business Best-Seller list. On a
daily basis Jeff has his hands on the pulse of brand development,
web-content creation, strategic alliances, event programming,
corporate team building, and employee training.

In the world of music and “free-lance creative endeavors”, Jeff’s
experience includes stints as a Staff Songwriter for The Songs of Love
Foundation, and Book Reviewer for the Memphis Jewish Journal. He has
produced multiple recording projects of his own, and a benefit CD.
Currently, he is recording his first CD in a decade and writing 2
books….in his “free” time. Jeff is a staunch advocate for animal
rights and lives with his 4 dogs in Nashville.

“Write a Song – Build A Team”

Jeff Jacob, former Staff Songwriter for The Songs of Love Foundation
leads an interactive and tremendously fun session concentrating on the
similarities between collaborative songwriting and building a healthy
team in the work place. From the early days of Popular music,
songwriting has often been an exceptionally collaborative effort
between two or more writers. In this organizational team building
session we will discuss how the notes in a chord of music are
absolutely the exact same thing as members of a team! To enhance how
productive and happy your office team is we will focus on:

• Achieving a state of Constant Empathy (finding a trigger mechanism)

• Embracing our Common Goals and Frustrations

• Striving to actively practice Collaboration

• Understanding our own Organizational Sociology

• Fostering Creativity and hence Creative Problem Solving

• Learning to Trust in the voice we find as part of a team

Two-thirds of this presentation is highly interactive. We will
literally “build” a customized song that focuses on your team, field
or industry through our exercises. At the end of the day, your
attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of what’s needed
to have more success and more fun in the workplace as key members of
the total synergy….which should be your team. If you love playing with
Play-Doh, enjoy music and problem-solving…you’ll love this workshop.

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