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Easily the most unique speaker in America, Jeff Havens helps people succeed in various elements of business – communication, change management, leadership, professional development and more – by telling people exactly what not to do. In multiple talks for a variety of different audiences, Jeff's trademark reverse psychology provides attendees with all the content of a more traditional approach and all the entertainment value of a comedy show.


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Communication and Leadership

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeff began his career as a high school English teacher before following his father Rex Havens (RexHavens.com) into the world of stand-up comedy, where he worked with some of the brightest lights in American comedy and honed the art of engaging audiences through laughter. But his impulse to teach never faded, and soon he began looking for an avenue to combine both of his passions into entertaining and meaningful presentations.

The results are Uncrapify Your Life!, How to Get Fired!, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! and Becoming a More Annoying You!, and since their introduction Jeff has brought his unique, side-splitting, message-based presentations to General Electric, Ford Motor Company, USBank, McDonald’s, and hundreds of other corporations in the United States and Canada. Original, informative, hilarious and powerful, Jeff’s ability to help people achieve success in leadership, customer service, communication, generational issues, corporate culture and more by talking about what they should and shouldn’t do guarantees that his audiences manage to laugh and learn at the same time. His stated goal? To provide all the content of a traditional presentation with all the entertainment value of a comedy show. Because improving your business doesn’t have to be boring.

Jeff is also a regular guest on Fox Business News and has been featured in Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, AOL, and dozens of other regional and national media outlets. His latest book, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!: Proven Strategies to Help You Become a More Horrible Boss is available in stores now, and there will be many more to come. Trust us: Jeff is just getting started.

Without a doubt, Jeff Havens offers the most unique and entertaining presentations in America today. His original, informative, hilarious, and powerful approach has transformed the way businesspeople and students approach the idea of personal and professional growth.

Uncrapify Your Life!
Designed for a broad spectrum of audiences, from entry-level workers to upper management, the award-winning Uncrapify Your Life! keynote is a study in exactly what not to do. Promising to give his audiences permission rather than advice, Jeff will ‘encourage’ your team to criticize others and outsource blame before bringing it all home with a serious discussion about proper communication, customer service, and accountability practices.

Becoming A More Annoying You! (HRCI Approved)
I’m sure people have told you how to behave at work. You probably had a few days of training when you started your job and maybe a refresher once a year. But you’ve never had training quite like this. Because while everyone else gives you advice, Jeff Havens will give you the permission to act exactly the way that you want. He knows you don’t value the people you work with. You know you don’t value the people you work with. But now it’s time to make sure that they know how little you value them. In this action-packed, comprehensive hour of awesomeness, you will learn how to irritate everyone you work with in every way imaginable.

Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! (HRCI Approved)
The first of its kind, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! helps managers and executives become better leaders by showing them everything they should avoid. Veteran comedian-turned-corporate speaker Jeff Havens employs his trademark wit and reverse psychology to teach attendees the worst of all leadership practices – including how to create a culture of fear and mistrust, how to oppress and demoralize employees, and how to stand firm in the face of all change – before wrapping up with a serious conversation about the kind of leaders we should all strive to become.

Us. Vs. Them – Putting the Other Generations in Their Place!
In this hysterical hour of high-content entertainment, you will learn how to understand, recognize, and resolve every generational issue facing today’s modern workforce. That’s no exaggeration; by the end of Us Vs. Them, you and your employees will walk away with all of the knowledge you’ll need to address 100% of the generational issues they will face in the next 10-15 years. Because while other generational presentations focus on what people want, Us Vs. Them will tell you why everyone wants the different things that they do. It’s an important distinction, and it will make implementing new solutions easier than you ever thought possible.

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