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Jake French is a dynamic, business motivational speaker who is a living example of what's POSSIBLE when the right ATTITUDE, MINDSET, and STRATEGIES are in place. Audiences are immediately engaged by his real-world story, empowering insights, and the kind of take-with-you-tools that allow them to leap forward and make a positive difference in their life.


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Speaker Jake French in Portland

Truly is about the power of CHANGE. After a devastating accident, and some huge life-lesson choices left him a quadriplegic, he fell into the same pity pit so many people feel pushed into today. Life in a wheelchair at 23? What kind of an existence would that be? A light bulb illuminated when he noticed other patients who had much worse situations, but the severity didn’t seem to affect their ability to move on. There must be another variable here?

It was in that hospital room where Jake realized the opportunity created by FOCUS, ATTITUDE and CHOICE. The emotional pull when he shares that moment with audiences of all ages connects and creates a shift so powerful, it practically removes the words, “I can’t” from their vocabulary.

Fresh and eager as a recent University of Idaho graduate with a new Bachelor’s degree, Jake, an avid outdoorsman scored the job of his dreams as a forester in Oregon. After only working for three weeks, Jake went out for an evening of dinner, dancing and drinks with good friends. Late at night they stopped for gas and randomly came across an old childhood friend who Jake had lost touch with. The brief reunion took a fateful turn when the intoxicated bully decided to take Jake by surprise with a full-nelson headlock, rendering him defenseless.

Jake wasn’t horsing around in any way, but their equilibrium was impaired by alcohol. The bully lost his balance and fell forward with Jake’s arms still pinned backwards. Without the ability to brace himself, the first thing to hit the pavement was his head. Jake’s neck took the full weight of the two men and snapped between the C6 and C7 vertebrae, leaving him completely paralyzed from the collar bone down. While in the hospital, Jake felt the full range of raw emotions, but finally reached a breakthrough. He realized whether your wheelchair is visible or not, attitude has EVERYTHING to do with how we not only could survive – but once again THRIVE. He created a plan to claim victory over the chair – and life.

Became personal development on steroids! The foundation is rooted in helping others repeatedly, sustainably, and joyfully create positive, forward change in their lives. Too often people get caught up. They concentrate on what’s wrong, past failures, toxic relationships, financial stress, job uncertainty, low self-concept, physical and emotional limitations. What Jake found in his journey and what he teaches audiences today is we BECOME our EXPECTATIONS.

So why not aim for the moon? Reach higher? Realize more? The truth is – life HAPPENS! And there will ALWAYS be circumstances beyond our control. But circumstances? Are temporary. How we CHOOSE to handle them makes all the difference in our SUCCESS. Our RELATIONSHIPS. Our LIFE BALANCE. And our HAPPINESS. That’s why as a motivational speaker, Jake French is PASSIONATE about sharing the tools, techniques, mindsets and strategies to ADAPT and OVERCOME and adopt a Life Happens – LIVE IT frame of mind!

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