Speaker Ian Taylor Ian Taylor, Business Owner, Everest Climber, International speaker.

On May 23, 2008, Ian Taylor became the youngest Irishman to stand on the top of the world. In June 2007 Ian and his friend set out to climb four mountains on four continents in one year with Mount Everest being the final climb. Before June 2007, he had only climbed one mountain over 5,000m. Ian also took on a charity element, raising ¤70,000 to build the Mt. Everest primary school in Uganda with Irish charity Fields of Life.


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Ian Taylor, Business Owner, Everest Climber, International speaker.

From + 40c to – 40c Ian braved his own demons and the mountains. He saved a fellow climbers life and four months after being told he wasn’t the right material for Everest by two professionals, he successfully made it to the summit of Mount Everest. This was a true story of teamwork, drive and ultimately success.

Based in the US and Ireland, Ian has years of experience of managing teams in a business environment. He also leads and trains teams for mountain expeditions around the world and has done so with great success. Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 15 times now, aiming for 50 summits, he has lead hundreds of people to reach their goals in the mountains. A team Ian lead to Kilimanjaro in September 2011, just released a book about their journey. In June 2009 Ian lead 14 novices to the summit of Mont Blanc “Astonishing, this is virtually unheard of ” – Simon Lowe MD JG

Ian’s Everest DVD Documentary ‘ A Summit Calling ‘ is one to watch out for and he also has a book coming out on his amazing journey. ‘A phenomenal journey, A story that needs to be told’ – Jim O’Dea Sports and cultural council

Ian was involved with the Ireland to Everest 2012 ascent of Mt. Everest, using his skills to help others achieve their dreams on Everest. Ian manages his own trekking company, Ian Taylor Trekking, training teams for their treks around the world. Ian is a team leader, motivational and Leisure consultant.

1). Everest ‘A summit calling’. Throughout my life, I have failed trying to become successful in different areas, like sport and music, however I have always wanted to do something big, something meaningful, something to set me apart from the crowd. In 2005, I was on vacation in South America with friends and we decided to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, which is a fairly relaxed hike, and I struggled both physically and mentally, but out of that struggle, a friend and I decided to take on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest in two years’ time. At that time, we had many obstacles ahead of us, we had never climbed above 5,000m (16,404ft), I am afraid of heights, and we had no real high altitude experience. On top of all of these challenges, we decided that we wanted to add a charity element to the climb and set our goal of climbing four mountains on four continents in one year, as well as raising $100,000 to build the Mt. Everest Primary School in Uganda. This was going to be the biggest challenge either of us had ever taken on, but we were ready to take it on. And after being told I wasn’t good enough by two professionals, just two months before I was due to leave for Mt. Everest, on May 23, 2008, I became the youngest Irishman to stand on top of the world and completed this challenge. I am now an ambassador for the charity and help raise awareness and funds to support the village and community in Uganda.

2). Everest to the top. In 2008, the Chinese government closed access to the North side of Mount Everest in order to bring the Olympic Torch to the summit of the world’s highest peak. They also closed off climbing above 6,400m (20,997ft) on the Southern, Nepalese side of the mountain (which is where I would be climbing) until May 10th, which is late into the climbing season on Mt. Everest. They placed armed guards at 21,000 ft. on Everest to make sure there were no climbers disregarding these orders, which has never been seen before on the mountain. With all of these challenges, combined with the dangers of climbing on Mount Everest, this 72 day expedition proved to be one that would test me to the limit. From getting word of people dying in the tent next to me, to my climbing partner cracking ribs and turning around, and a fellow climber going blind on the rope right in front of me, to – 45 F on the summit, I had a difficult road ahead. Facing personal demons, deaths and distractions, I made it to the top of the World, and summited Mount Everest; and then had to get back down…

3). Vision Drives Activity. In 2008, through our Mount Everest Expedition, a friend and I raised the funds to build a primary school in Kitandwe, Uganda. After I successfully summited the World’s highest peak, the community and school of Kitandwe decided to rename the school to the Mt. Everest Primary School. The school crest, which they created, states ‘Today’s Actions Brings Tomorrow’s Success’. The vision for the community was interlinked with my vision to stand on top of the world. This village of Kitandwe is two hours away from Kampala and real civilisation, the villagers had to walk up to five miles for clean water, and six hundred villagers live off the land with no real hope for their future. Three locals from the village wanted more for their community and they put together a proposal and send it to as many charities they could find. The Irish Charity, Fields of Life, challenged us with raising the funds for this project to build the school, drill a well to provide clean water to the community, and to find child sponsors for some of the children. These villagers wanted a school; they understood that education is the key to a successful future for their children. They had a vision to build for future generations and we had a vision to climb the world’s highest mountain and build a school, our visions drove the actions needed to develop the community. With the attitude of ‘Today’s actions brings tomorrow success’, how could they fail. They have their school, 240 children are now being educated and we continue to work to support their vision.

4). The Management of change. Since the age of twenty-four, I have worked in different Management and Business roles. I was made Assistant General Manager of 350 staff at the age of twenty-five, working to deliver sales targets, manage staff, and manage business development and secondary income. I am now thirty-four years old and have been involved in start ups, turn around businesses and now run my own business. Recently, I took on a project to turn a leisure facility loosing ¤100,000 a year, and within two years, the business was up fifteen percent. I explore the reasons this change was possible; how vision, setting targets, passion, leadership and team work all play vital roles in the success of any business. I challenge the audience to question their motives, ponder the impact they are having on a business and how to change their opinion of how business works, and what role they will play in the future of their business. I incorporate many of my success throughout my Everest journey to the success I have had in business development.

5). Passion to succeed. I believe passion is a key ingredient in achieving any goal we set in life and in work; without passion for a project or job, it is nearly impossible to succeed. Through my appetite for climbing, my passions for change and for helping people, and my love of showing others the way to reach their goals in the mountains that they never thought possible, I will test the audience to think about what they are passionate about. I will motivate them to use their knowledge and skills as a vehicle for change in their own lives to improve their situation. I was told many times I couldn’t achieve many of the things I have accomplished, and I will show everyone that they can achieve anything if they are passionate about it.

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