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As an active practicing attorney, Mr. Jackson is the author of Unlawful Terminations and Employment-at-Will, the Law of Employer and Employee Rights Case Manual, the Labor and Employment Law Desk Book, a Prentice-Hall one-volume reference manual on federal and state labor laws, and is co-author of How to Defend and Win Labor and Employment Law Cases. He recently completed his latest book, COACHES ENCOURAGE – BOSSES PUNISH.


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Managing Today’s Workplace Effectively

Gordon Jackson is a nationally renowned author and speaker on the subject of positive employee relations.

Mr. Jackson is a member of the National Speakers Association and a Who’s Who in Professional Speaking. He was selected as one of the 31 Consummate Speakers for 1996 by Sharing Ideas, the international magazine for speakers, meeting planners, etc. He is one of fewer than 400 people worldwide to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. He is a frequent speaker at management meetings and seminars throughout the nation, averaging in excess of 100 speaking engagements annually.

He is the senior partner of the Jackson, Shields, Yeiser & Cantrell management-oriented Law Firm. He is a member of the prestigious College of Labor and Employment Lawyers; the Labor and Employment Law Section of the American Bar Association; and the American Academy of Hospital Attorneys of the American Hospital Association.


GORDON JACKSON‘s most popular keynote and banquet address, this presentation reveals the essential steps necessary to mold the best of all types of relationships – whether in the home, in the workplace, in the classroom or in the sports arena. Gordon Jackson draws heavily in this presentation on the secrets revealed in his book by the same title and enhances the presentation with a discussion about his own positive relations’ experiences as a management attorney, consultant, author, speaker, parent and grandparent. He discusses significant changes that have occurred in recent years that have revolutionized the American home and workplace: transitioning the mindset of the parent from that of a “punisher” to that of an “encourager” and the mindset of the manager from that of a “dictator” to that of a “resourcer.”


GORDON JACKSON discusses “new and innovative” strategic, practical and legal steps to attract and retain quality applicants in this keynote presentation. He initially challenges organizations and their leadership members to transform their work culture and build an environment in which their employees become as excited about coming “to work” as going “to play.” He describes the ideal “workplace model” for the new millennium by which to provide a work climate in which employees desire “to stay,” rather than “to leave.” Gordon Jackson then discusses his “Seven Steps to Successful Selection,” utilizing a host of examples and illustrations drawn from his 30+ year career as a management attorney, consultant, author and speaker.


Gordon Jackson discusses the obstacles organizations must overcome and the positive steps they must employ to create a win-win culture for management and employees, alike, in a work team environment. In keeping with his unique and dynamic presentation skills, Gordon Jackson reinforces his TEAMS WITHOUT TEARS keynote address with an abundance of graphic examples, illustrations and “war stories,” drawn from his 30+ year career.


Having advised and counseled thousands of executives and managers on “workplace” strategies during his 30+ year career, as a management attorney and consultant, GORDON JACKSON defines leadership in the workplace somewhat different from that of other “leadership” presenters. Gordon Jackson initially addresses workplace changes and trends in recent years that have forced executives and managers to modify their behaviors as well as their approaches with interacting with employees. Gordon Jackson discusses his “leadership model” and challenges executives and managers to adopt his model, for themselves. He also covers a variety of leadership characteristics and habits that apply to executives and managers in today’s workplace. In keeping with his content-laden, action-packed presentational style, Gordon Jackson utilizes a variety of examples, illustrations and anecdotes to reinforce his leadership concepts in this keynote presentation.


As a management attorney, consultant, author and speaker, GORDON JACKSON shares in this presentation his 30+ years’ experience of working with organizations – from “mom and pop” businesses to Fortune 500 Corporations – in assisting their efforts to maintain a “trouble-free” workplace in an ever-changing environment. The TROUBLE-FREE presentation is one of Gordon Jackson’s most requested keynote presentations, given the necessity of organizations and their leadership members to manage “change” in today’s workplace. Gordon Jackson discusses unique and innovative strategies to ensure that organizations remain “free” from extraneous forces that could impair or impede their ability to survive and prosper in the new millennium. Gordon Jackson reinforces his “battle-tested” strategies with a variety of examples, illustrations and “war stories” to accommodate his unique and dynamic presentation style.


Gordon Jackson, author of THE LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW DESK BOOK a 1196-page one-volume Prentice-Hall publication that covers all federal and state labor and employment laws, brings to this keynote address his vast knowledge of the subject matter. He also draws heavily from his book, HOW TO DEFEND AND WIN LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW CASES, another Prentice-Hall publication he co-authored with law partner, Steve Shields, in this keynote presentation. Gordon Jackson discusses the numerous and ever-emerging employment laws that lay a minefield for management members at all levels He discusses strategic and practical safeguards that employers should employ, and the essential steps management members should take to avoid employee lawsuits, charges and complaints in an era when an average employment lawsuit costs an employer $400,000 Gordon Jackson utilizes a variety of graphic illustrations, facts and figures to reinforce his strategies and techniques to KEEP YOUR MANAGEMENT TEAM OUT OF COURT!


GORDON JACKSON discusses the historical development of the sexual harassment laws, initially, in this keynote presentation. He then addresses how the sexual harassment guidelines have changed through the years, including those contained in recent Supreme Court decisions that place more stringent requirements on employers and their managers and supervisors. Gordon Jackson focuses on the necessity of implementing appropriate sexual harassment policies and awareness programs to meet the Supreme Court standards. Lastly, he covers the “do’s and don’ts” when investigating sexual harassment complaints – against both fellow employees as well as against management members. Gordon Jackson incorporates an abundance of graphic examples, illustrations and “war stories” from his 30+ year career as a management attorney and consultant into this keynote address.

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