Speaker Gary Sheely Tactical Confrontation Specialist

Gary Sheely is an author, trainer and professional speaker. For over 30 years, from the counselor's office, the university classroom, and in real life, Gary's unique role in people's lives has placed him at the spearpoint of hundreds of conflicts, crises and power struggles. His experiences, education and expertise earned him the title: “Tactical Confrontation Specialist.”


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  • Motivational
  • Success
  • Time Management


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Tactical Confrontation Specialist

His “Tactical Confrontation” seminar grows out of his passion to help people effectively confront undesirable behavior, to preserve relationships during conflict, and to defuse other people’s anger to gain their cooperation.

He’s also an author, and has combined 30 years of his experiences as a counselor, executive coach, adjunct instructor and skydiving instructor/jumpmaster to offer his seasoned insights in a Keynote presentation Entitled “More Than Attitude,” and in his book entitled, Cutting Away: Facing the Fatal Five to Survive and Thrive.? His book, drawn from a skydiving metaphor, outlines how resistance to personal change sabotages our health, happiness, safety and success.

An energetic presenter in any setting, his hilarious personal stories give him the unique ability to point out inconvenient truths about yourself while you are laughing out loud. It sets the stage for real personal and professional growth.

Signature Seminar: Tactical Confrontation 101

Every workplace and relationship benefits when there is an atmosphere of accountability in place; when people are comfortable speaking up when there is a problem. This only happens when people have confidence imparted by the skill to do it well.

Keynote: More than Just Attitude

Being A Change-Agent in Challenging Times

Leadership is much more than just a set of behaviors. It begins with your attitude toward yourself.

Gary helps people:

See themselves as leaders

Understand the basics of motivation

Avoid the 5 traps that sabotage personal growth

Gain the courage to lead.

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