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Elly Valas is a co-author of Guerrilla Retailing, part of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, with more than 14 million books in print. She shows retailers large and small how to beat the big box stores by using unconventional marketing and sales tactics that are simple, inexpensive, and devastatingly effective.


  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales


$5000 - $7500

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Speaker Elly Valas

Elly will show you how to pick the right location, hire the right people, and attract the right customers. You’ll learn how to build traffic, maintain margins, motivate salespeople and develop loyal. repeat customers.

By The Numbers

Have you ever had a great sales period only to find out that, when it’s over, you don’t have enough cash to pay your bills? This session will show you the value of having and using financial reports. Learn how to develop an income statement and how to use it in gauging your performance.

Find out what the balance sheet tells you about the health of your business and how to use it as a tool to manage your assets.

This program will teach you the difference between profits and cash flow and how you might predict your cash balance.

Finally, learn how to develop key financial ratios from your balance sheet and how to use them in making business decisions and how to use the numbers to help grow your business profitably.


Not a textbook HR seminar, this class explores the link between leadership skills and creating a high performance, customer-focused team.

Learn how to recruit, train, motivate, compensate and retain a team of engaged, enthusiastic and productive associates who are committed to your values, your company and your customers.


If business people ran their businesses the way Tiger Woods plays golf, they would all be wearing the green!

Lessons from the Links will relate great business practices to the fundamentals that winning golfers use on the course every round. Lessons from the Links promises winning strategies for rookies and pros alike. It will be the first look into the use of the game of golf as a template for business practices.

Golf has lured some of the best, brightest and most effective business leaders into its fairways. This program will help them apply the lessons they’ve learned on the links to their businesses.

Lessons from the Links will tell participants how to focus on key strategies, develop new core competencies and identify and overcome their weaknesses. The program will help business people to look inside their own businesses for solutions, for new opportunities and for growth and success.

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