Speaker Don  Holbrook  Don A. Holbrook, Author, Ph.D, CEcD, FM

A highly respected and renowned speaker on world-class economic development projects, Don is one of the most sought-after advocates in economic development and takes his simple message to communities around the world. His wit, message, and charm have made him highly popular as a keynote speaker on local economic development strategies. He speaks frequently on the topics of "The Art of the Deal Today" and surviving and thriving in today's economic turbulence. Don has written two books: His first, The Little Black Book of Economic Development, was released in 2007 and is still the best-selling book in the economic development industry. His second book, released in 2008, is titled Who Moved My Smoke Stack? He has just released Nov 2011 his latest book, The Next America: Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy. A candid discussion on how to get America back in the black and growing jobs again so she can remain the global economic leader.


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Don A. Holbrook, Author, Ph.D, CEcD, FM

Don Allen Holbrook is a private consultant/practitioner involved in the major elements of economic development public policy, site location, and strategic destination tourism development. He is one of the most influential and recognized subject matter experts in the field of economic development and is the most published and quoted in the field. During his twenty-year career, he has worked on a wide variety of projects representing billions of dollars in capital investment and generating more than fifty thousand jobs.

Don has specialized in creating customized incentive policies, such as equity funding, specialized tax increment funding, tax abatements, workforce tax credits, specialized state legislation to increase equity and reduce operational costs to attract and finance projects, creative hybrid capital development by communities, and targeted incentives that reduce the overall cost to his clients and/or help his public sector clients close deals. Don has worked with economic organizations worldwide in developing strategic plans; core market assessment; target industry analysis; business-attraction incentives; publicly backed strategic business investments in capital formation; and permanent convertible, subordinated debt financing. He focuses on creating public-private partnerships that are built on real-world economic realities and tied to well-balanced capabilities that reward risk taken by both sectors.

Don is recognized for his prowess in the economic development industry; for his pioneering of site locations and technology-based, community-profiling infrastructures; and for his work in establishing the data standards used by the International Economic Development Council.

1) The Post Global Financial Crisis Economy- Where are we going and How do we best get there?

2) The Art of the Deal Today- Turbulent economic conditions require innovative new financing strategies those in the know get their deals closed

3) Fearless Leadership- Leading through times of uncertainty and creating a winning strategy to survive and thrive

4) Globalization- The 21st Century will see many paradigm shifts… staying ahead of the shifting sands

5) Rebuilding Our Local Economies to Create A Better Economic Future

6) The Next America- At the Tipping Point What is the formula for turning her around…

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