Speaker Devin Henderson Amazing! Funny! Uplifting!

Corporate entertainer and keynote speaker Devin Henderson was voted the 2010 “Stage Magician of the Year” and “Close-Up Magician of the Year” by The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 129). Devin's weekly show at the Kansas City Improv Comedy Club occasionally benefits charitable organizations and always thrills and uplifts people from all walks of life.


  • Business
  • Comedian
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Magic
  • Peak Performance


$5000 - $7500

Travels from

Kansas City

Amazing! Funny! Uplifting!

Devin has appeared on numerous local morning shows and television commercials and has performed in 25 states and in Canada.

But what really sets Devin apart is his ability to help people discover their own magic. His lessons are beneficial in business and in life. Devin’s keynote presentations are tricked out with magic, humor and audience involvement. His entertaining style makes his message stick in the minds of spectators long after he has disappeared from the stage.

Devin travels from Kansas City where he lives with his amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.

“I recently shared the stage with Devin. He’s a top-notch performer and a
gifted communicator. The audience loved him. I highly recommend him.”
Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of the Five Love Languages

“Devin delivered a GRAND SLAM at our national convention. His
combination of magic, humor and wisdom was the hit of the conference.”
Hannes Combest, CEO, The National Auctioneers Association

“Devin has an incredible way of communicating a highly entertaining
message that is extremely valuable in today’s business world.”
Bill Herdegen, Vice President T&D Operations, KCP&L

“All 3,000 students were fully engaged and totally mesmerized! I highly
recommend Devin to create an unforgettable campus event!”
Kindra Amott, Coordinator, Student Organizations, James Madison Univ.

SHARE YOUR MAGIC KEYNOTE If magic were real, how could it be used in relation to people skills?
Learn how to be a real magician every day by creating “magical moments” for the people you live and work with.
Discover how your gifts and talents can make an impact on others and improve your life in the process.

GOAL IN MIND KEYNOTE Devin’s mind demonstrations are metaphors that explain how “brain power” is
the key to accomplishing the extraordinary. His displays of mentalism are powerful lead-ins to the message that
mindset determines success. This program is inspirational for personal goals as well as group goals.

MIND MADNESS SHOW Literally an unbelievable experience that will make you laugh out loud and at
the same time…totally weird you out! Devin accomplishes his insanely cool feats by using two psychological
principles: observation and deception. You have to see it all to believe it…but even then you probably won’t.

COMEDY MAGIC SHOW This is Devin’s more traditional magic show where he spits playing cards out of
his mouth and swallows a balloon whole. Okay, maybe “traditional” is the wrong word, but you get the idea. Just
think of this as stand-up comedy with a bag of tricks. And hold onto your watch!

INSPIRATIONAL Devin offers a variety of shows and programs for faith-based organizations. His inspiring
messages entertain, engage, encourage and have an eternal effect.

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