Speaker David Breslow The Personal Best Academy© Keynote/Breakout Session Speaker

David is called, “Mr. Simple” in the Personal/Professional Development arena because without the usual tips/strategies, theories and vague concepts (that offer temporary relief), David moves your audience into a real shift in thought, feeling and action.


  • Change
  • Life Balance
  • Overcome Adversity
  • Peak Performance
  • Performance Improv.
  • Self Improvement


$5000 - $10000

Travels from

Las Vegas

The Personal Best Academy© Keynote/Breakout Session Speaker

Through poignant stories, humorous reality and the direct truth of the Laws by which all people produce outcomes, your audience experiences real change (rather than the usual short-term “aha” moment). These Laws are undeniable, provable and there is no escaping them. “Stop coping with your so-called problems”, David says. “It leads to a culture of mediocrity. Why? Coping means: to handle, deal with, struggle with and survive. Is THAT what your organization wants?” Most shout “NO!” No matter what presentation you choose, his powerful message inspires you to see, think, feel and do things differently—well beyond today! This is what uniquely separates David; setting a clear and engaging path to experience performance excellence lasting longer than an hour or a day. A Corporate Professional, Athlete and Health Professional and Actor—David brings you a fresh, exciting and no-holds barred look at how people excel under any conditions.


Any of the following are appropriate for Corporate, University Level, High School Level and other organizations. In addition, the following topics are appropriate for Keynote and/or Breakout Sessions.

Public Seminars

“Wired to Win—The Lies, The Laws and The Leap™–To Transform The Way You Live, Work and Play

Corporate Speaking Topics – Educational, Inspirational and Motivational

NOTE: All presentations include insights that improve: stress mgt., performance excellence and resilience

  1. Wired to Win At Work
  2. 3 C’s–Confidence, Courage and Commitment
  3. 5 Critical Things Your Organization Can Learn From a Film Set
  4. The Forward Bounce©–Moving through change/adversity stronger and more inspired than before!
  5. Work/Life Harmony–How to balance your busy life!

General Inspiration

Who Said So? –Triumph over Adverse Conditions

Who Would You Be Without Your Story?—The Lies, The Limits and The Leap to New Levels of Performance

The Hero’s Journey: The Power of Self-Reliance–Boldly Living Your Life Now!!

Life Enrichment

Harmonizing Work/Life Living

Alignment: The Key to Living Your Dream

Peak Performance: Sports – Golf, Tennis and other sports

Wired to Win©–7 Laws-21 Days– Change The Way You Play the Game…Beginning Today!

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