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Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, Inc. She is a monthly columnist for national Business Journals, co-author of 'Motivational Selling' and author of 'Growing Great Sales Teams: Lessons from the Cornfield.' Colleen is a popular speaker for Vistage International, Women's Leadership Exchange and was the featured speaker on sales for the 2006 New York Times Small Business Summit. She is on the board of directors for The Tennyson Center for Children, Association for Corporate Growth and National Speakers Association.


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Motivational speaker on Leadership and sales

Prior to starting SalesLeadership, Colleen was vice president of sales and marketing for Varsity Spirit Corporation. During her 10 years at Varsity, sales increased from 8M to 90M. Varsity was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in the United States in 1994 and 1995.

Clients include: Lafarge, Vail Resorts, Corporate Express, Orlando Magic, Siemens Corporation, ServiceMagic Inc., Arthur J. Gallagher, Ensign United States Drilling, Home Diagnostics, gloProfessionals, Regis University, Spectrum Retirement Communities, Quintess, Women’s Vision Foundation, Longmont United Hospital, Gerald H. Phipps Construction, Sterling Rice Group, Jones University.

Colleen Stanley is one of the best sales trainers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I grew up in Minnesota and know the “lessons from the cornfield” work in building great sales teams.
Ken Larson, Former President
Corporate Express – Colorado Division

“As a former Iowa farm girl, I found the “lessons from the cornfield” authentic, motivating and refreshing. These basic truths will inspire sale managers to build and lead great sales teams.”
LeAnn Thieman
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul

“Like many “farm kids,” I didn’t realize I was learning great leadership skills while growing up on an Iowa farm. I thoroughly enjoyed your chapter on achieving the fun quota and the sales quota. It’s a core value I’ve practiced for years in business.”
Howard Putnam
Speaker, Author “The Winds of Turbulence”
Former CEO Southwest Airlines

“Thank you! Finally, a sales management book based on “real world” experience that moves beyond tired clich├ęs. This is content that works in and out of the classroom.”
Debbie McCarthy
Corporate Director of Sales
Vail Resorts Lodging Company

Growing Great Sales Teams: Lessons from the Cornfield

We live in a high tech, global world. Companies can communicate anywhere, anytime.
Response time is quick and processes are increasingly efficient. However, high tech
cannot replace high personal touch in building great organizations. Processes are
efficient, relationship building is not. Using powerful lessons learned growing up on an
Iowa farm, Colleen blends down-home principles of influence with strong business
acumen. Her style and message motivate teams to:
Take Risks: Show up, try and do your best. Strive for perfection, but
don‟t wait for perfection.

Be the Real Deal: If prospects can‟t believe the messenger, why should
they believe the message?

You Reap What You Sow: Attitude is the best seed to plant in an
organization. Create cultures that manage results, not excuses.
Help Others Get Their Crops In: Eliminate silos and help every department
in the company achieve their objectives.
Sales Jury: How to Win Your Business Case Every Time
Married to a career prosecutor, Colleen creates amazing paradigm shifts for the
audience by comparing the persuasion skills needed in the profession of law to the
same skills needed in the profession of sales. Seek the truth, do the right thing, and
look for evidence are the key themes throughout this presentation. Sales technique
training is old, outdated and ineffective. The information age demands new selling
skills — critical thinking, testing data and synthesizing information. If your team is
presenting solutions too soon, or presenting the wrong solutions, this presentation is
for you.

Building and Becoming a Center of Influence

Every salesperson knows referrals and introductions are one of the best ways to grow
business. So why are some sales teams still experiencing empty sales pipelines and
cyclical sales cycles? Colleen Stanley understands the referral business. 90% of her
business is repeat and referral business. Learn how to build a „mini-sales team‟ by
practicing the key principles of generosity and reciprocity. Understand how to move
from a vendor status to trusted advisor status with clients and colleagues. It‟s not who
you know. It‟s who you contact and help. This is an excellent keynote for selling
professionals and non-selling professionals.

EQ + IQ = Sales Results

Emotional intelligence has been studied and applied in the
leadership world. Colleen Stanley is a leader in integrating these
principles with consultative selling skills. Research shows that
emotional intelligence is the greatest predictor of success. Skills
such as delayed gratification, self-regard, empathy and self
awareness play an important part in a salesperson‟s personal and
professional success. This keynote gets to the core of why many
salespeople can‟t crack major accounts, don‟t call on the real
decision maker, discount too soon, and don‟t bounce back from
setbacks. Emotional intelligence skills are the competitive edge
for sales teams and sales managers.

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