Speaker Bryan  Dodge  One-Of-A-Kind and Unforgettable

"I promise that this experience will energize your life, your team, and your event as if it was the first day they started. I promise to stretch the way your people see themselves, so they can see why it's so important to make the change themselves and to do it now. I promise that this will be more fun then they ever imagined in such a short period of time. I promise to do my research so that the program will be designed to fit the products, service, and the philosophy of the company. I promise to bring contagious energy that fuels the success of your event. I promise to create a focus that will move people forward, share with them the rules they need to follow to produce results they have been looking for, and convince them act on it within 48 hours. I, Bryan Dodge, will help you achieve your personal and professional goals earlier then you expected. With a work / life balance approach that last over time."


  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership
  • Personal Dev.
  • Time Management


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One-Of-A-Kind and Unforgettable

A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bryan Dodge began his career in agricultural sales after graduating from the University of Nebraska. His desire to excel led him to become an avid student of success habits and leadership principles. After an award-winning career in sales, this same avid study, now a lifelong passion, changed his life and eventually launched his speaking career.

Early on, he started a company Results that promoted sales seminars throughout the United States and Canada. His company grew to more than 60 employees. Relocating to Dallas, he expanded his business, filling stadiums in major cities with events featuring the most sought-after national motivational personalities, with whom Bryan shared the speaking platform.

After 12 years, he sold this successful business to focus on sharing his own knowledge and experiences with audiences directly. He is now one of America’s most sought-after speakers, making over 250 appearances in the U.S. and Canada last year.

His relationships with top CEOs and other nationally known trainers have given him a wealth of knowledge that he readily shares through his keynotes, workshops, products and radio program. Through the years, he has inspired audiences within thousands of major corporations, professional associations, and other organizations.

At all of his events, he stresses the importance of keeping professional life and personal life in balance. Bryan practices what he teaches when he says that he goes home to his most important job: being an involved and dedicated father and husband. He and his wife, Margaret, have three children. He has been very active in coaching soccer and football and working with kids in YMCA programs. Outside of his love for reading, Bryan’s hobbies are mostly outdoor activities such as hunting and skiing.

1) How to Build a Better You

Professional speaker, author, and radio show personality Bryan Dodge will open your mind and heart to help you focus on the most essential aspects of life. Most importantly, he will inspire you to reach your full potential with your family and career. To accomplish this goal, Bryan teaches a stair-step method on how top producers and effective leaders keep on the cutting edge and achieve excellence. Bryan’s message on professional growth and personal development focuses on three key areas. First, he will show you how to have your best year ever. Second, he will coach you on how to create consistent upward growth in your life. Third, he will train you on how to harness the power of personal energy and tap its unlimited supply. Bryan touches his audiences through his own gift of inspiration and encouragement that helps give a clearer vision to make right choices. The best part of his message is that his delivery style makes learning fun and memorable!

2) Balance Between Work and Home

Most people will agree that there is no such thing as true balance. So the key is adjustment and compensation. You must know when you are out of balance. Bryan Dodge’s inspirational teachings on work and life balance will show you how to structure your time and efficiency at work so that you can have more quality time at home with the ones that are dearest to you. This one of a kind message is life-changing on how you view your day-to-day responsibilities and how they affect every area of your life – from the boardroom to the soccer field. His message will elevate your personal wellness to a higher level of a more fulfilled life. Bryan’s programs have been the turning point in many lives. This fast-paced program is refreshing and entertaining, yet informative and educational.

3) Building a Team That Works Without You

This is Bryan Dodge’s most popular and requested educational program. He will energize you to unleash your full potential by engaging you to new skills in how to lead today’s generation. People do not want to be managed; they want to be coached and mentored in these ever-changing times. The goal of this training is to give you the tools to create a culture that stands strong during tough times. You will learn effective communication and team-building skills that will form the chemistry of a winning team that will step up and accomplish more when you are not with them. Bryan will conclude with a segment on disciplines in a way you have never heard before and give you some tips on maintaining essential balance. Bryan’s program is refreshing and entertaining, yet informative and educational. His dynamic teaching method keeps his audiences fully engaged.

4) “How to Build a Complete Salesperson”

Bryan Dodge will help guide, coach, and encourage people in sales to master a new level of professionalism. Why did you choose sales? How can sales be your best friend? Bryan will show you how to develop the characteristics of a professional salesperson. Discover which questions all top producers answer the same. Master the seven tools of the sales profession. Learn why everyone in sales needs to keep honing their skills. Bryan will also point out some very practical dos and don’ts of establishing a good first impression. Whether you are veteran sales professional or new to the field, you will gain many new ideas from this workshop. He will conclude this session with some tips on win/win negotiating. Bryan makes learning fun and memorable.

5) “Take Ownership of Leadership in Your Own Life”

Mr. Dodge’s authoritative teaching on leadership will inspire any audience. This one of a kind message is life-changing. It will alter how you view all of your responsibilities, and will elevate you to a higher level of leadership. Bryan will teach you the three laws of leadership and how they affect every area of your life – from the boardroom to the soccer field. He will reveal the intangible quality that will take your leadership skills to higher levels, and improve your overall communication skills. Bryan will show you how to overcome your own fears and how you can help the people that you lead overcome the challenges that inhibit their success. Bryan’s audiences are amazed at how much knowledge they gain in the short time he spends with them. His fun and entertaining delivery style makes learning fun and memorable.

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