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On Target Leading was founded by Lieutenant Colonel, Bruce Bright, USMC (Ret.). Bruce has a strong desire to help and encourage people using the experiences and lessons he has learned in business, in the service, and in life. He founded On Target Leading with the goal of motivating others through speeches, seminars and coaching.


  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Generation Issues
  • Leadership
  • Military
  • Peak Performance


$5000 - $7500

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Chief Energy Officer

Prior to founding On Target Leading, Bruce spent 28 years in service with the U.S. Marine Corps. His service includes four years as a Marine Infantryman and 24 years as a Marine F/A-18 Fighter Pilot. Before retiring in 2007, he logged over 3,000 flight hours including two combat tours in the Middle East.

After a stellar career in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bruce traded in his flight suit for a business suit. He joined the civilian workforce as Director of Business Development at The Sanders Trust, a Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm in Birmingham, AL. There, he earned the prestigious designation of CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and was recognized as an expert in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate. He was personally involved in over $100 million in investment transactions in the three years with the company.

Bruce quickly realized his true passion was for helping people succeed. Now as a speaker, a consultant and coach, Bruce and On Target Leading travels all over inspiring others to live more fulfilled, more targeted lives.


1) Communicating Across Generations: 5 Action Steps to Increase Your Bottom Line Today

It is an absolute fact that there are communication gaps between the generations. In this session, you will hear about some actions steps that will help bridge the gaps so multi-generations can come together for a common purpose. Learn how to harness the power of each generation through clear communication and mutual respect.

2) High Energy Leadership: Lead With Passion and Your Company Will Flourish.

When you look at successful companies like Southwest Airlines or Google, their power comes from their leadership. Their leaders are passionate and engaged. They operate with a clear vision that the entire organization can build upon. Learn how to lead with energy. Learn to define your goals in a way that will benefit your entire organization, inspire your team, and engage employees at every level.

3) Execute Like a Fighter Pilot: 5 Action Steps To Lead Your Company to Greatness.

Whether you are talking about his successful tours in the Middle East as a Marine F/A-18 Fighter Pilot or his successful real estate career as a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member), one thing remains constant: On Target Leading founder, Bruce Bright ,knows how to successfully execute a mission. Learn how to apply fighter pilot mentality to your business.

4) Build Your Team to Win: Five Strategies for Success and One Deal Killer for Building the Perfect Team.

Selecting the best team for your organization is one of the most critical keys to success in business. In this session, you will learn what to look for in a new employee, how to get the most from your employees, and how to plan for success. The entire team needs to share a common compass in order to work together to find and stay on target. Learn how to steer your team to success.

5) The Concerned Parent: 10 Steps to Positive Parenting

Raise responsible, respectful and strong children that are ready and prepared to meet the challenges of the world. Learn how you can make a positive impact in your children’s lives while letting go of your frustrations. Help your children program their own life compass. Teach them to set goals and watch them flourish when they have a real vision for how to accomplish those goals.

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